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General reminder: I don't check this account super often & it mostly functions as a backup for my twitter but I do check it!! Pls don't feel weird if my responses are late a couple days or something

the work that people have had to put in to save the characters & tiny morsels of Good Plot that the prequels had over the years has been monumental... I respect that immensely. The movies are garbage though

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"Star Wars prequels are good actually" is not a take that will save us. I know we are all reeling from TROS but we cannot let ourselves sink to that level. Have some respect for yourselves and the people around you

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critical support for bullying anyone who unironically thinks that the Star Wars Prequels are good

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it is entirely important that we maintain that while there are good crumbs in the Star Wars Prequels, they are, by and large, absolute dogshit films

thinking again about "If one guy stands up, one ant stands up". I hope that guy thinks about that all the time. I hope it keeps him up at night

I'm thankful for everyone else who has been seethingly angry at this country for the past two hundred and eighty days or so πŸ₯°πŸ¦ƒπŸŒ½

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I feel like usually I'd make some sort of post to commemorate/denigrate The Holiday (as would be custom with basically any American holiday) but this year it's hard to say much other than "I'm still here and I guess I'm thankful for that". It simply has been A Year

At the point of the night where I'm watching Lil Nas X videos and simultaneously looking for videos on early African Radical Christianity and letting those audio tracks just drift together

Dropping a bunch of @TwinkleParks songs in the discord and making everyone into fans because @TwinkleParks makes incredibly good songs. This is not a sponsored post, @TwinkleParks just makes really good music

His Dark Materials is the best example of hyperflexible mythology because you all get a personal fursona that is your soul and none of them are inherently fascist

This movie's quality as compared to Mission Impossible 2 is absurd. There is no reason that this movie should have been made after that pile of dogshit

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groupwatching Mission Impossible 3. philip seymour hoffman enters the frame and immediately we recognize the legendary actor from his greatest roles: the hunger games, and kung fu panda

novigrad. the baked apple. gaunter's arsehole. used to be the greatest city in the north. but now there's too many fucken drowners innit

novigrad. the baked apple. gaunter's asshole. used to be the greatest city in the north. but now there's too many fucken drowners innit

The Mountain Goats "This Year" successful & popular, BUT too long-term, seemingly unrealistic, extremely difficult to achieve in These Unprecedented Times; propose addendum track "this month" for remainder of 2020, to be completed within the week

2nd update: apparently Hitman DOESN'T have ray tracing?? Apparently I was misinformed?? Which weirds me out because it sure looks like it does, so this entire thread is built on lies I guess. The slowdown was real but it's impossible to prove because I have no videos. big shrug

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