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General reminder: I don't check this account super often & it mostly functions as a backup for my twitter but I do check it!! Pls don't feel weird if my responses are late a couple days or something

if i was in 1995 and saw Worf show up in DS9... I would have lost my fucking mind. I would have been screaming in the streets

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I think Star Wars is doing pretty well with fun interconnected IP junk these days but the average Star Trek megafan was eating so well in the 80s-90s, I cannot even imagine what that was like

you're just jealous that when i walk it is without rhythm and thus does not attract the fearsome sand worm

anyway my opinion (the correct one) is that all sex scenes are necessary because all parts of an art piece constitute the whole, and if the sex scene seems bad it's because in fact the work itself has flaws that range beyond the inclusion of a single scene. or you're just a prude

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oh is it Are Sex Scenes Good Or Not season again? my, how time flies

when i retire i'm going to start writing an epic 16-part novel series about a ten thousand year dynasty of Star Kings. it'll have a cadre of 12 devoted readers and sell middlingly. this is the thought that keeps me going on the hardest of days

the blood moon is red because it is a symbol of worker's rights. real recognize real

every marriage anniversary has a special "stone", or reward. but vow renewals unlock the ability to call in airstrikes

just finished up with Casual Birder on the playdate. what an exquisite little game, and what a cool device! i love weird small little games, and this is like a purpose-built machine for weird small little games

the movie is called "Heat" because it depicts both Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in heat

american right wing ideology is actively fascist and genocidal; the democratic party acts as a bystander and implicit stamp of approval of its presence in public discourse. i don't care what your Leftist Tendency is as long as you can see the level of horror we are dealing with

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tired of pretending anything otherwise, will not be open to any discussion on the subject, the problem is not the tools it is the ideology that fuels the system - an ideology that is terrifyingly normalized in america. stand up to it or move aside so others can

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for as long as there is a right wing there will be right wing violence. there's only one way to end right wing terror and it is the complete and utter refusal to let right wing politics into any arena of public discourse and active deescalation of any outgrowths.

JOE BIDEN, LIVE BROADCAST: well jack what you- you have to understand is that without the... the uh amulet of osiris there's no way we can reduce gasoline prices for the average consumer. we must acquire it from under the- the shifting dunes, at any cost

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as America enters its Imperial Decline era I think it would be cool if our leaders got increasingly desperate and started seeking out magical artifacts like how the Nazis did in Indiana Jones

you might think that ranking hotness is somehow "subjective" or that it's "just based on what you think is hot". but what if i said that a not hot person is a "0" and a hot person is a "10". now i can do Math on the Numbers, which as we know is objective. this is called Analysis

really blown away at how fun Strange New Worlds is. i hope this sparks a new movement of normal-ass procedural sci-fi shows

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