Well this trailer sure caught me by surprise. This is going straight to my wishlist.
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A month before the launch, is now up on Steam store page.


The game will support English, Japanese and Korean when launched. Add our game to Steam to receive latest updates.

On Feb. 19, "Remember what you pray for."

vampire weekend rules. music for both moods: "i want to tie my sweater sleeves around my waist" and "depression"

what's the story behind your tattoo(s)? if you could get another, what would it be? β€” i only have one tattoo currently. it was a design collaboration between an inupiak traditional tattooer in anchorage an… curiouscat.me/videodante/post/

Any indie games this year you're looking forward to? β€” quite a few, off the top of my head Noita, One Step From Eden (is that 2019? idk), Knuckle Sandwich curiouscat.me/videodante/post/

What’s your favorite, quick, filling meal you like to make? I often get home late and want something easy but not like… β€” i have become a devotee of "slightly upgraded" instant ramen, which i define as ramen + fried egg + vegetables or tofu.… curiouscat.me/videodante/post/

I can't believe THIS is a stance that needs to be reiterated in the 21st century but yes, the Pinkertons were bad and are bad lol

I really wanted to like YIIK, but a combination of thoroughly unlikeable characters and repetitive battle mechanics spoiled its genuinely great look & sound. A promising idea that fell very flat.

read my review @Pas@PasteGames@twitter.comtps://t.co/4oKKOAUQQt

With Peter Parker's European Vacation (2019) I'm glad that MCU fans can now also experience the worst part of Marvel print comics: Being forced to deal with the logistical timeline implications of entire-franchise crossover events that last way too fucking long

My point with this thread is to elucidate how this stuff works. Deorbital, like many other small games writing outlets, lives & dies from funding. When we're out of crowdfunding money, we don't have a plan other than "keep the site up as long as possible." That's what we can do.

We could have ran Deorbital doing an article a week and paid about $50 per piece but we didn't feel like that was fair to the space or to the people we wanted to work with. And we wanted to contract visual artists, which was untenable in that sort of arrangement

We've had to manage the site with limited funds in all of Deorbital's lifespan. When we 'relaunched' last year we made the calculation that it was more important to us to pay people fairly than to run more articles because *freelancers are systemically underpaid in games writing*

As editors, we take in only $150 per person, per quarterly. That's roughly $50 per article edited, not even counting any of our other labor that goes into deorbital (site management, social media, crowdfunding, PR work, artist outreach, setting up bank/business accounts, etc)

Deorbital doesn't make money. It never really was intended to, it was intended to be a place where we (amr & i) can provide professional-level hosting for independent writers. It's a community project, basically.

Our GOTY series at end-of-year 2018 and the God Of War articles in early 2018 were both funded from separate sources independent of the crowdfund- namely, out of my pocket and from a small fundraiser, respectfully

we've always been pretty open about how deorbital's finances work, so none of this is super exclusive news. Deorbital only has money from our crowdfund (gofundme.com/deorbital-quarter). All of that money goes toward 1) site upkeep (marginal), 2) art ($300/quarterly) and 3) articles

this is a good read, and i appreciate cameron shouting out @deorbital@twitter.com in the followup. just wanted to elaborate slightly on how "running a small games site" works on deorbital's backend
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I encourage you to read this and think about how you suppor@deorbital@twitter.coml game publications you love. The money is thin, and there are people who are literally 1% investment bankers who can't make the s…

One Step From Eden is a procedural deckbuilder with fast, small-tactics combat - think Slay The Spire meets Mega Man Battle Network. I checked out the demo and wrote about it for @PasteGames@twitter.com, and even in its current unfinished state it stands out. pastemagazine.com/articles/201

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