Just would like to point out that this specific thing is something that having a union could help with.
Source says a big difference between the layoffs last year and these: nobody's getting severance pay this time. Makes sense because it's due to bankruptcy, but... god, I hope everyone there lands on their feet.

I played that new Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale mode and it's... a really interesting effort to adapt CoD gameplay into a BR format. Not terrible, but still feels like it's making a couple missteps. Read more @PasteGames@twitter.com here: pastemagazine.com/articles/201

the 21st night of September this year will be on a Friday and if you don't turn up to Earth Wind & Fire on loop it means you're racist

Everyone @ Marvel is horny for Doctor Strange except, apparently, the casting directors of the MCU, and that should be considered a crime

How do you think the twitter discourse would react to "no russian" if MW2 had come out today? or actually how would the twitter... β€” I mean... I don't know. Because I think a LOT of MW2's plot was very contextual to the time perio... curiouscat.me/videodante/post/

the disembodied arm scene in jurassic park. more than anything else in that movie
Okay, here's an experiment for the day:

What's the first thing you remember experiencing in a movie/TV show/game/book/etc. and having it scare the hell out of you? Your ORIGINAL nightmare fuel.

Wreck-It Ralph 1: You guys like video games, right? bowser's here. cute, huh

Wreck-It Ralph 2: you remember the kim kardashian thing? you kids love the internet, right? we're doing that now. and twitter. and brands. we're disney now. fuck you

the amount that i enjoyed Wreck-It Ralph is a perfect mirror to how much I cannot stand everything that's been shown of Wreck-It Ralph 2

I always knew the Katamari Damacy soundtrack was incredible but no one told me it banged this fucking hard youtube.com/watch?v=pUJeiEva0H

I bet you're wondering "Is it weird for your name to be Dante, with all the Devil May Cry stuff going on?" and the answer is: Yes

is the game still incredible? Hell yeah. But I'm not going to pretend I'm not disappointed by how little lore is surfaced in the gameplay

Into The Breach on Switch is reintroducing me to the acute frustration that is this game's (lack of) approach to worldbuilding, which as I understand the bulk of was cut sometime during the development process rockpapershotgun.com/2018/03/2

do you have any recommendations for how to approach undertale? i find all the conversation around it to be intimidating, and si... β€” I went for a pacifist run the first time I played and didn't find it overwhelming. I'm not a bull... curiouscat.me/videodante/post/

If you were an uncatchable master thief what would you calling card be β€” can "steal from the rich, give to the poor" be a calling card? I don't think anyone has ever done... curiouscat.me/videodante/post/

also lol at "pandora battery." that's a phrase i haven't heard in years. I don't think you need those anymore, either

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