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General reminder: I don't check this account super often & it mostly functions as a backup for my twitter but I do check it!! Pls don't feel weird if my responses are late a couple days or something

thunder only happens when it's raining... gamers only love you when they're gaming...

The thing that sucks the most about adulthood is how fast everything happens

what a deal though. and i only have to remove a single tree from within the house, which i'm sure is a task that me, someone who owns one (1) hammer and has definitely used it, can handle

following architecture blogs got me fucked up like "oh this 4br for $64900 in a town i've never heard of??? just lemme bookmark that bad boy for later" as if i'll ever have that money and will ever plan to move to Nunda NY

I refuse to steal valor so I will say that that top score is's. however beat him in 1v1 at least once so who can say who is the real champ

i keep remembering more things about it that i vaguely remembered hearing about (i dropped off somewhere in season 5 so i'm starting watching from there) and like, oh yeah, Mitski songs are in this. And also you finally learn about Finn's parents and it is very good & sad

i don't know if anyone else has heard of this show "adventure time" but i've been watching it recently and it's pretty cool. its like, what if it was a cartoon, but also adults could like it and watch it. very neat

The inverse of a previous question. If you could show one game to Marx what would it be? β€” do you think he'd be amused by Stellaris... no wait Kaiserreich

If you had to pick a game to play in black and white only, which would you pick? β€” something extremely cinematic, maybe? mayhaps a TellTale, or maybe like Until Dawn

donkey kong vs. banjo kazooie β€” battle of two mascots that i didn't play the games of. flip a coin. donkey kong

if you can show marx to one game designer, would would you pick? β€” singular designer? idk. But as a fan of the genre I feel like city builder games in general could use a dose of basic marxism

You are chosen to redesign any game from the PS2 era you wish. Which game would you pick? β€” massively embiggened Jet Set Radio Future that expands on worldbuilding & character interactions

hello ur in cyberpunk world now! what's the first body mod you pick? β€” just fuckin get me in a robot body. mod my brain into a robot's body

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