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General reminder: I don't check this account super often & it mostly functions as a backup for my twitter but I do check it!! Pls don't feel weird if my responses are late a couple days or something

I'm officially caught up on so I can officially endorse it as The Only Good Harry Potter Podcast. If you, like me, are old and jaded but did like Harry Potter a lot in your youth, it's good as hell

whatever our opinions are on Neon Genesis Evangelion, we can agree that I, specifically, am the most correct. thank you

(bragging to a child) as an adult i can have a himalayan salt lamp and lick it any time i choose

Game Freak really shot themselves in the foot in 1999 by making Kanto an accessible region after finishing Johto in G/S/C

it's a good thing Taylor has identified the actual most relevant lived oppressions of queer people in america, like, uh, "shade". and "loudness". always got her finger on the pulse, that TSwift

I can't believe Taylor Swift made "I'm not even mad I'm actually laughing" into a song

This year at E3, multiple major publishers passed on conferences, and the showfloors felt notably sparse. The Expo is facing an identity crisis, and it leaves the state of E3 2020 in question.

Read more of my thoughts about this year's at

Wow! I didn't see this go up! Check out this fun cast I recorded with,, and from literally on the E3 floor
Our colleagues @videodante and @HarrisFoster from @FinjiCo stopped by @Kahjahkins@twitter.comer@DylanIlvento@twitter.comt they@HarrisFoster@twitter.comE32019, and more!

been playing a bit of Destiny 2 now that it's in freeplay and I think it's pretty good whenever I can trick my brain into thinking it's a singleplayer game

most interesting game you saw out of E3? mine would have to be the Deer game β€” Phantom Brigade, almost no contest

I'm not saying that Cadence of Hyrule is the best LoZ game but it IS very good and you can play as Zelda, because it is not made by cowards

Listen, I don't know what cyberpunk is, but Burial is and has always been cyberpunk

Game you've played the most of? β€” Statistically probably Team Fortress 2 or Morrowind. Not sure exactly.

referring to things I like, or dislike, as "cyberpunk" and gauging my future utterances based on the crowd response

Who's the most famous person you could see yourself broing down with, given the opportunity? β€” do you think ian mcshane would be chill. i would imagine he'd be pretty chill

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