I hear it on the wind... the herds of game critics tremble, knowing what rigors are to come... GotY season approacheth

what weird expensive hobby/collection/tastes would you like to have if you had a bunch of disposable income? β€” i'd love to get really really into cars honestly curiouscat.me/videodante/post/

Morrowind is so weird and deep and the world of it is just so unlike any other game, including later Elder Scrolls titles, that it's hard to have a comparison. It felt alien and ancient and full of mysteries, and I'm not sure how many other games I know that gave me that feeling

Morrowind. Always Morrowind. There's a reason it's so so high up in my personal rankings all the time, haha
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Here's a fun question. Which video game, for you, felt most like you were going on an adventure? Where starting out playing it felt like the first step into the wild, mysterious unknown where anything could happen.

remember when the Pod Save America boys lamented how many troops we were sending the border, and how instead we should be sending them to the Middle East? Can't imagine how they'd end up working with a neocon think-tank member lmao

that cop was later fired after an investigation into multiple sexual harassment complaints. sucks to suck, officer Z

that tweet should give you an almost crystal-clear picture of who i was in high school

vice principal and the school cop cornered me at lunch and asked if i had been torrenting The Office on the school network and made me delete it off my netbook
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what's the stupidest thing u ever got in trouble for at school ? mine was the time i got put on time out and wasnt allowed go on dance mat typing all because i said i was happy that our teacher was out sick that day

I suppose BF1 was even worse, given *it's* subject matter, but just... god. This feels not good

There are some good moments in this game's story mode(s), without a doubt, but I just keep falling back to how tonally bizarre this multiplayer is

I keep re-rolling for different maps in Battlefield V's multiplayer because honestly I just really would rather not play as a Nazi no matter how gender inclusive they are

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