people here are talking about will wheaton and if this continues i am so gonna abscond for an instance far away from shitty woke nerd twitter allstars

@bombsfall tbf he's not on mastodon social he's on an instance that is, trust me, way fucking weirder


@bombsfall it's called and this is on their homepage. it's buck wild

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@videodante @bombsfall why do I feel like this copy was written as a honeypot by the NSA

@CGSaw @videodante @bombsfall Jester does love the NSA and thinks Snowden is a traitor. He's so proud of the fact that he vowed to take Snowden down that the article about that is part of his Twitter header.

He also repeatedly deadnames Chelsea Manning, which doesn't seem to bother Wheaton for some reason πŸ€”

@videodante @bombsfall nothing like good old fashioned xenophobia to go with their milquetoast liberalism

@videodante that shit sucks ass and tbh all of the folks who would show up there should be locked inside forever like a stuck elevator

@bombsfall @videodante does not communicate with mastodon so yes, they are locked in there

@Gargron @bombsfall i bet you they're the type of people who complain about safe spaces

@silvally @Gargron nah this is the woke flavor of garbage they're probably a-ok with safe spaces tbh

@bombsfall @silvally @Gargron Fake woke indeed. This is the guy who runs the instance.

(Also his header is filled with articles about himself, one of which is about how he wants to take down Snowden)

@videodante @bombsfall Out of all the instances out there I have to say I really wasn't expecting there to be an official American Foreign Policy instance

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