law enforcement doesn't "see" white supremacy because it's identical to their own ideology. The only reason there's an increased focus on it now is because white supremacists are getting more violent. But if you don't fix the ideology you won't be able to make any lasting changes

We're publishing next week's cover story early:

U.S. law enforcement failed to see the threat of white nationalism. From the FBI to th…

I mean, look, I appreciate any time a KKK dude is punished but unless America's police force in its current iteration is completely destroyed, white supremacy will endure. Because every cop everywhere upholds systems that violently oppress nonwhite people. This shit is basic

Of course police have "no idea how to stop white nationalism." Because america is built on white nationalism, and police exist to defend that particular brand of white nationalism. You can't ask them to do any lasting damage to it because doing so would harm their own institution


The reason people say there are no good cops is because in order to be a cop you are willing to protect a fundamentally unjust, racist, sexist, capitalist, colonialist institution. Every single cop does that. Therefore all cops are bad. Because they protect terrible things.

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@videodante And this is an important lesson on identity I feel like people miss. When we say that all cops are bad, we don't refer to the individual and their various identities, we refer to their identity as a cop, and the role they play in reinforcing the establishment.

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