"Who takes out the trash in an anarchist society" idk man who takes out the trash in a shared household?? You talk about it, you work out a system, you don't treat the garbage-taker-outers like shit. It's not complicated, it's contextual

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@videodante when I lived in a co-op everyone had to have "six points" worth of house jobs/chores, with the rule of thumb being that one point of work is equivalent to about an hour of work a week, but for the most unappealing jobs (bathroom cleaner, compost) the point value we agreed on was way more than the amount of time it actually took to do the job, and the most appealing job (cook) it was the opposite

@videodante Hey you never know what people will want to do!

"Grab all the trash from the neighborhood and take it to the dump once a week" sounds like a job I could enjoy. I grew up going around with my grampa, who's retirement hobby was finding neat stuff in people's trash. He also took their cans to redeem, just for fun.

So I think I wouldn't mind doing it under anarchism, if I had the truck and a helper. The trucks are cool too, especially the ones with the robot arm!

@videodante isn't the difference in scale the issue though? For a household you can just get everyone in the same room and have a chat. You can't do that on a societal level. Or at least, it's not obvious to me what that would mean, which is why I can understand people asking the question.

@MarcatoMarc i would suggest to just have a coops that you can pay to take care of your trash 🀷. but if ancoms find a nice commie-solution, then good for them. maybe we'll copy it 😎.

in any case, not knowing how to deal with ones trash wouldn't be a very good reason to enslave people to a state, so it shoudln't really a big deciding factor against anarchy.


@MarcatoMarc "we" as in other anarchists. bad wording. i don't want to exclude ancoms. (unless they are "anarcho"-communist who may "temporarily" side with the state…)


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