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if you don't like today's opinion that's okay, just check back tomorrow and the opinion might be better, thank you

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getting really into ulysses lately

reading the wikipedia and shit

it's been two and a half years and no one has been able to tell me what "bapping" is

what is bapping

how has china been so effective at stopping the spread of the virus?

conspiracy theorists have their own ideas, but this is what their infection checkpoints look like:

china's cultural imperialism is gonna be way more effective than america's

not talking about anything in specific but it owns that meltdown may is getting a HUGE running start

I will never harass or evict any of my animal crossing villagers

once again I have bought some videogames

not gonna apologize for this toxic behavior anytime soon

stay inside, don't go out, watch tv, chase online clout

tryna figure out if this guy just has his comms equipment custom-fitted to his halo

or if it's a prosthetic halo with a comms antenna attached

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taking a break from being mad to gamble in video games

sending my money to china as a show of international solidarity

tragedy today as some doofus from ohio figured out how to get killed by his own turds

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I'm gonna be the first person to die of a dirty ass and prove all the shitwipe hoarders right

death certificate says cause of death: butt dirt

CIA agent assigned to monitor my chats is gonna be working overtime the next few weeks sorry buddy hope they pay you hourly

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