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we need to lock ourselves down in shelters, communicating through telecommunications technology, the majority of our need for physical objects met by 3d printers

the perishable goods and raw materials that can't be made by these printers can still be distributed by a small group of dedicated delivery specialists

called "porters"

we should award them social currency based on their alacrity and fastidiousness

everyone is acting like they're going to die of a dirty ass

all the stores here sold out of toilet paper and such but the "cold and flu" aisles are completely untouched

all the pills and powders and tinctures and unctuous ointments are still available but there is NO butt scrubbing equipment or materials

thinking about how cool it would be if guns in tom clancy's division actually had diablo-style names

high steel electrocuting steyer aug of haste

titanforged jagged tactical vector sbr .45 acp of thunderous strikes

corpsegrinder, the macerating glock 9mm of befuddling


I'm not saying I'm a furry I'm just saying I would let Freya Crescent from Hiroyuki Ito's Final Fantasy IX stab me

online is the hell of our age but it's cool I'll keep logging on

been mixing it up online for the past few days and I think bernie winning will actually be a form of healthcare for a lot of people because there's so many people out there who have convinced themselves they need to suck and die and that's just the way the world works in their minds and bernie winning would counter those internal narratives

just something I've been thinking about thanks for reading

[liberal brain] I'm uncomfortable with this 78 year old man who has had a stent installed

[also liberal brain] so I'm going to throw my chips in for this 78 year old man who has had three strokes

msnbc having a collective meltdown over bernie sanders is giving me energy and relieving the headache I've had all day

mike bloomberg's election strategy doesn't really make any sense and it's obvious he's not a strategic or even tactical threat electorally

but his lifelong strategy of "being too small to fit in a guillotine" will present some problems going forward

the council has once again convened to discuss the fate of the realm

don't fuck with me, you don't know what I'm capable of....................

hooting and hollering as Florida Man astrally projects into a can of skoal

what a legend

lightning's opera omnia portrait making her look like she just realized she forgot to turn off the oven

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