ah. yes. my favorite "millennial yukster" good ol Frankie Muniz

i logged into birdsite to post a .gif of a prototype and this is how i'm greeted. sure is 2017


looking like one of those "never use the internet again" kind of mornings

on the plus side that means TIME TO BE PRODUCTIVE, YEAH

instaud.io/KcD found all the old sample packs i used to use around 2008-2009. god bless the internet. time to add sizzling guitar licks to every single one of my games baby

you'd think being exposed to a constant stream of immensely talented people unreasonably doubting the worth of their own brilliant work would make me more aware of and ready for my own bouts of preemptive self-judgement and yet. mornin masto

ughhhhh why am i not a ROBOT with an IMPERVIOUS METAL BODY that is immune to these human ailments

how do you spell scooch. ive never written down the word scooch in my life. there's a wiggly line so i assume there's a more accurate spelling i'm not aware of

[me, a Straight Young Male of 17] hey bro. do u like swords and. war. wanna hear a story abt a war man with a SWORD

[you] ah yes i love SWORD

[me] [i scooch in close] our story begins on the deadly Boy Kiss Island. we open on war man screaming at some blood

i think i feel especially connected to the works of Hideo Kojima since i also went through a period of my life where i strived for philosophical and political clarity via art that was in practice mostly about feelings of social isolation and wanting to touch a man's chiseled buttcheeks

@videogames If you're using desktop Chrome or Firefox, you could install its userscript plugin (Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey, respectively), then add this simple little script:

Once it's working, you can circumvent it by adding a query string to the end of the URL, e.g. tweetdeck.twitter.com?get.me.money

turns out there are good things in the world actually thanks neil

played titanfall 2 and now i'm listening to the new neil and i don't know how i ever felt mad about anything

with of course the twitter URL changed to "get.some.money" or "advertise.new.stuff" or "i.just.wanna.be.mad.right.now"

this is not a bit. i legitimately can't stop myself sometimes and it only ever makes me feel terrible. if someone tells me how to set up a thing where putting in "tweetdeck.twitter.com" takes me to "mastodon.social" instead i will KISS YOU (or not kiss you based on your preference ofc)

is there an extension i can install that just replaces twitter with mastodon outright

at the very least i've been able to keep myself off birdsite, which has helped tremendously. there's certainly something to expressing these emotions in a healthy way, but yelling into the void usually only makes me more upset abt whatever is stuck in my craw that day

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