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Prediction: Season 4 or 5 of My Hero Academia they take on The Big Bad™, then the series jumps the shark as they discover the source of everyone's powers.

Got a day's worth of overtime last week and double time on Monday? Heck yeah.

Battlestation Simulator 20XX - You create a workspace that you then ride into a medieval sci-fi battle

How long until we see Funko Pops at Goodwill for $1 each?

- After seeing an article about NickSplat -

"Oh hey, that's right, I have VRV, I should check that out..."

- ends up watching 'My Hero Academia instead, finishing season 1 in a day -

poor taste, political joke 

Is this related to figuring out the Emoji Keyboard shortcut in WIndows 10? Maybe.

I want to be able to press a hotkey anywhere in Windows and just start typing a toot. 🐘

Get ready for the "Video Games cause violence" bullshit again.

Trying to keep a bullet journal/personal wiki again. This format seems to be working so far...

There has been way too many shenanigans at work today.

Only good part of back to school shopping? Back to school clearance.

I now have enough hand sanitizer to get me through the winter. 🙅‍♂️😷

A tune got in my head and I couldn't figure out if it was Ghibli or Breath of the Wild.

Thoughts on Disenchantment 

Second attempt: Did the Easiest Thing to Record, totally forgot the countdown.

At least everyone else knows thier job. 😌

I like how this is much more focused like Twitter was early on, but only a small group of my friends are on here.

Eh, it's still fun though.

First attempt at video switching: I pressed many wrong buttons. 🤦‍♂️📺

I have determined the next tech fad after browsing /r/battlestations: RGB Plants

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