Every tom, dick and China can profile Indian citizens because Indian govt wants to profile its citizens on real-time basis and sell off data on our lives for nothing to commercial interests. So, it won't pass a strong privacy law to protect us from its own avarice.

LOL...but more seriously, these clowns are the entitled 20% that have held the 80% subservient for 3500 years...when that 80% is over a billion then that's a huge problem...

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#SudarshanTV claimed that while upper age limit for Hindus in civil services exams is 32 years, the age limit for Muslims is 35 years. #PIB showed no interest in doing fact check of this claim though it has the audacity to label stories of credible media Houses as fake&misleading

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WhatsApp message of the day quoting this news.

"These geniuses tell Parliament they don't know how many migrant labourers died because of the lockdown - but know exactly how many COVID deaths were prevented by lockdown"

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Lockdown prevented upto 78,000 deaths and 29 lakh cases; battle against COVID-19 far from over: Health Minister


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Govt May Not Have Data on Migrant Labourers, But a Website Built by 4 Volunteers Does m.thewire.in/article/labour/mi via @thewire_in@twitter.com

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50 words 👇🏾

“Justice KM Joseph: We need to look at the ownership of the visual media. Entire shareholding pattern of the company must be on site for public. Revenue model of that company should also be put up to check if government is putting more ads in one and less in another” twitter.com/shekhargupta/statu

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👉15 Sep: India reported 50 lakh+ #COVID19 cases & 82091 deaths
👉Read this detailed thread for important trends national, state & district level that matters
👉10 lakh new cases & 12456 deaths were added in the past 11 days
👉The next 10 lakh cases expected in ~10 days!

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My research into the curious case of PAN #Aadhaar linkage in the @epw_in@twitter.com that I hope will end the Aadhaar fraud


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It disturbs me to see fellow citizens humiliated and abused with casteist slurs. What the sanitation worker in Tamil Nadu had to go through should disturb you too.

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Where is the surprise? Fricking kids had made counterfeit notes using a photocopier when most of the country hadn't even seen them.

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Rs. 2000 Made To Battle Fake Currency, Ends Up Being The Most Counterfeited One in.mashable.com/culture/10524/

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Speaking truth to power, this is not the time to rest. “We don’t have a road map, we must learn to imagine anew.” ⁦@natashabadhwar@twitter.com⁩ on the importance of forging solidarities and building on the moment livemint.com/mint-lounge/featu

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Detention centre in the making, Matia, Assam. Filming documentary #ShadowLines #NoNrcCaa #Citizenship #DetentionCentre
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It is extremely urgent that the @HemantSorenJMM@twitter.com government in Jharkhand withdraw these cases immediately.

Sedition charges for protesting against the #CAA is nothing short of perverse. twitter.com/JharkhandJanad1/st

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Hum kagaz nahi dikgayenge. This is why the BJP's pet project, the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is very much a Nazi idea.

Also note that Kashmiris are asked to show identity cards by non-Kashmiri occupiers everyday.

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Major parties that supported

Major parties that opposed

Keep this list handy for every single .
Similar to , 2 MPs of opposed the and 2 were absent. So, both these parties opposed the bill partially.

Office of RSS in was set on fire by anti-CAB protestors on Wednesday night.

Assam is begging mainland India to listen: "We voted for the BJP in our state. We voted and supported them until the fire reached our own house. It is only then that we realized what we had done.
Please don't repeat our mistakes. Or you will one day find yourself on fire too."

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