Kashmir - An Artisan soap as complicated and layered as . - vidyut.info/shop/soaps/kashmir

The design of this soap will keep changing as you use it and new layers are revealed - do see the photos of the making in the link.

I poured heart and soul into this soap. It is expensive, but whether you buy or not, do check out the page. Read description, see photos of the inside. Would mean a lot to me that it reached you.

Let us not forget Kashmir.


Folks, I have ordered some.

We all need to do this for two reasons.

1. Solidarity with our people in

2. Vidyut has been doing yeoman work in activism for some years now. She takes time out from her family & child to do this. She depends on her creativity & perseverance in soap making & saplings to earn her living. She deserves all the support we can give her & more.

Proud of you V

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