With police like this, who needs criminal gangs?

@vidyut Is there a reason why the slogans are not directly targeting the and government ?

@vidyut We have 3 causes

The JNU protest

The salt and rice being served in schools

The suicide caused dues to discrimination across institutions.

Change the narrative from subsidy given to JNU to the government which is against good education for the poor and the minorities.

Make slogans like and where people across the country get behind connecting all fragmented voices.

@vidyut We are still fighting the narrative set by the media and the government which puts us in an uneven playing field.

This gives their followers to call us anti national and Urban naxal making it harder for others to join the cause.

We need to change the narrative taking the negative focus from away JNU and make people concentrate on the government.

This government loves it's image and therein lies it's weakness.

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