What is your BIG fear?

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@vidyut Ashish Shelar claiming that he solved that Maha mess... Once it's sorted out.

@vidyut you roll your eyes now but beware the posters claiming credit for it coming soon to a pole near you!

@vidyut Fear - By the time this government rule gets over we would be so economically and socially broken that the hate still keeps getting spread uncontrollably.

Don't know why but something tells me this fear won't come true. I mean things will be bad. But not this bad. Many cognitive biases at work ensure that our brain constantly thinks "this thing is getting worse" - especially brains of aware and well read folks. Let us hope for the best :)


When prophecy fails people will start b believing it even more.

Read these words today and it made a lot of sense. It is something what I have read and seen in every cult.

Now amplify that cult to an entire nation and it brings a very scary scenario especially with the destruction of government structures which can prevent this.


Itna optimism kahan se laate ho Ninad ??
Wish it was so easy...
I really do wish.

@Vishsai @vidyut

Well ma'am, I just hope my optimism isn't proven to have been unfounded at the end of it all. Sometimes I fear it will since I am young and many much more knowledgeable and senior folks are devasted and pessimistic about the future.

As to where it comes from, I guess different (not better or worse) understanding of our economy, society, institutions, politics and history. What else can I say?

@Vishsai @vidyut

@ninad @Vishsai @vidyut

We all do hope for the best Ninad.
But the signs and symptoms visible don't give a very good prognosis.

@KnottedBow @ninad @Vishsai @vidyut

Situation is real grim now, with one party able to sway the democratic process at will, screw up the economy and grow richer in the progress.

Being optimistic is nice, but not enough. Concrete steps to throw out these bastards is required!

I am into my last few years of life, having lived a quiet life so far. But the younger ones are just beginning theirs! YOU all have a lot more to lose!!

@SilkyNsa @KnottedBow @Vishsai @vidyut

i) I got my education thanks to dad's savings. After I got my first job at 23, I never took a single penny from him. I have not given him any money, it is true, but did purchase a few things for him - including a Laptop, which he learnt to use and e-Mailed me and my 3 sisters for 3 years, before he passed away...

@SilkyNsa @KnottedBow @Vishsai @vidyut

Why, am I - or baby boomers - somehow insulated from what is happening post 2000 or something?? Is your generation the only one to face these crises??

@SilkyNsa @KnottedBow @Vishsai @vidyut

This is getting nowhere... The old may possibly have mega expenses suddenly.

I have spent a small part of my earnings on parents health. I will have to do it again for myself and wife. That could be a lot more expensive than bringing up a child!

To give you a true example: my neighbour sold his flat. About 15 days later, his wife was diagnosed with liver problems. He spent more than half of the proceedings from the sale on treatment, at Medi City...

@SilkyNsa @KnottedBow @Vishsai @vidyut

Well, that is all you had to say right at the beginning, instead of bringing in baby boomers and other divisions!!

Remember, we are all equally at the mercy of the economy - our aging parents, ourselves and our children!!

Hope this is clear now!!

@SilkyNsa @KnottedBow @Vishsai @vidyut

How you generalize these things beats me, Silky...

Haven't you seen young, unhealthy people, or old, perfectly fit people??

@NSure @SilkyNsa @Vishsai @vidyut

There is a whole lot that happened here it seems... 🤐😐

@KnottedBow @SilkyNsa @Vishsai @vidyut

I just want to separate the generalizations from the specifics!!

@NSure @SilkyNsa @Vishsai @vidyut

In have to catch up on all the toots...
Read only one till now...

@SilkyNsa @KnottedBow @Vishsai @vidyut

And, whether one is past 50, 60 or 70 - one cannot get rid of lifelong habits, one only has lesser time and opportunity to own a Tesla or visit one's favourite holiday destination!

Remember newspaper story of an old Sardarji & wife, who dined at a plush Hotel? Paid for the lavish food they ate with dirty, soiled notes of small denominations too.

Later, it was found that the couple were poor, but it was their desire to eat - once - at a 5-Star!

@SilkyNsa @KnottedBow @Vishsai @vidyut

Nah. I do have separate cars for me and the missus, which is nothing unusual when both are working.

Neither of us can walk up a hill like we could when younger. Both need yearly Medical Examinations, while junior, in his early 20s, does not.

But - at least now & for some more years, we won't be hospitalised, touch wood. And, I know umpteen number of friends, ex-classmates, etc., who are in the same position! So how can I agree with your generalization???

@SilkyNsa @KnottedBow @Vishsai @vidyut

Well, your uncles need to stay away from Sugar.

I have at least 4 cups of decently-sweetened black coffee every day. Been having it for decades! My Sugar level hasn't ever crossed 110, even in the composite 3-Months test that is in vogue these days!! Nor the wife!

Cholesterol in control too, pains in joints come & go!

It is junior who lays off ice cream since he plans to sing & has formed his Group - we gorge on Ice Cream!

So again, you generalize!!!

@SilkyNsa @KnottedBow @Vishsai @vidyut

The body knows what it wants, if it is healthy. Follow its cravings - eat well, don't gorge on the cravings.

You are welcome to my state when you grow to my age!

But stop generalising!!

@SilkyNsa @KnottedBow @Vishsai @vidyut

The wife died after about a month, leaving behind their 19 year-old daughter and the husband, then into his early-50s...

@SilkyNsa @KnottedBow @Vishsai @vidyut


A) - 2 sisters - I double-counted myself! 😂

B) I did give dad a Supplementary Credit Card, which he gladly used for filling up the car! I never taught him how to repay Credit Cards, so I happily bore those expenses! 😆 😁

@SilkyNsa @KnottedBow @Vishsai @vidyut

ii) I have told my son I need nothing from him and that e has to earn his living. He is doing so - at least reasonably well and for now. I can pass on my knowledge to him, not my inheritance - I have earned it for myself and the wife, for our old age!

iii) True no series of Surgical or Magical Strikes will finish off any country

@SilkyNsa @KnottedBow @Vishsai @vidyut

Country is country and rss is rss! And 'nary the twain can mix!

@NSure @ninad @Vishsai @vidyut

Yes... Younger ppl have that optimism and idealism...
Which is quite required.
The older people have experience of life and hard facts to deal with.
Both are correct in their own ways and both are needed.

Most recent I saw on Twitter was an IAS aspirant schooling recently quit IAS Kannan ( I think his name is)...

I was like, hello, u r only an aspirant, seeing things from outside. He has been inside the system and knows its plus and minus, how it works etc.

@NSure @KnottedBow @ninad @Vishsai @vidyut It takes time for people to realize that this one party is no different to others. This party has compromised on corruption, National security and mocked the Constitution and killed democracy. Younger ones will curse their ancestors for believing this party so blindly.

@Haider @KnottedBow @ninad @Vishsai @vidyut

I never wanted the mass murderer duo back in 2014 itself. Everything that has happened after that has only cemented my hatred for the party.

I hope we get rid of them, so that our children & grandchildren are safe, so that our nation can continue to rise globally, instead of sinking to the level of a rogue nation!!

@vidyut India becoming full scale nazi country and they start doing genocide officially within next few years.

@vidyut That the current people in power will last for ever.

It has already happened in May 2019 ( and before that in May 2014)

What is yours ?

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