WhatsApp gyan: India has much fewer cases compared with the world.

Me: We started late because in spite of our size, very little of our population is actually exposed to international travel or travelers. Now we have among highest cases per day and growing.

WhatsApp gyan: The curve is flattening.

No, that is your brain flatlining.

The number of people testing positive is accelerating with no signs of slowing down. And this is with "lockdown" - which can't be sustained for much longer.

Here. According to total cases by country, India is at 13 and rising.

According to new cases per day, India is 5th as per this graph, but it is outdated, because as per today's data, India is 4th.

Mitron, picture abhi baaki hai and lockdown has already brought us to our knees.


What is even scarier is that the countries above us in the graph all have better healthcare and are already overwhelmed. When the cases in India hit critical mass, not only will we be overwhelmed, our size will make adequate help hard. Get your head out of the wah wah cloud.

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