Foreign interference to support the masses against an unjust govt is how India was born.

Foreign interference was done by India to support the birth of Bangladesh.

You can't stop humanity from connecting. To avoid the train coming at you, stop doing injustice.

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A bully does not understand how solidarity works. When people see the pain of others, they want to do their bit to relieve it. When they see injustice, they oppose it.

Someone who sees protest and violence only as a means to power cannot understand this.

That is why Indians tweeted on when we hardly have any African Indians.

This is not the mind of the car driver that runs over a puppy and shrugs and drives on seeking puppies to run over.

It is being HUMAN.

Indians tweeting on were not seeking to interfere in the matters of other countries, they were seeking to stop harm to a community obviously and unfairly harmed.

The WORLD sees what India's Prime Minister refuses to. That the farmers are being HARMED by govt.

Modi's lack of humanity is no reason for the citizens to discard theirs. And Modi has no control over what the world thinks of him, short of doing the right thing instead of doing whatever he wants and spending immense resources into fooling the world that it is right.

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