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Old post for @WomenUndrSiege@twitter.com - worth reading again today.

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I’m really lucky he wasn’t shot dead in an encounter by the police in those intervening 4 years.

Because I know what many of you would’ve said:

“Oh drugs cases take too long. Screw due process. We need instant justice. Let cops dispense it. They’re perfect”.


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About “encounters”:

My father was framed in a fake drugs case on the day he retired as a cop. He was discharged after 4 years with a complete clean chit. The case didn’t even go to trial - the State admitted they had zero evidence right from day 1.


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How easily I had assumed.

How easily I had forgotten that education is STILL an ugly privilege in this young, developing country.

How easily I type this in a language, on a platform, she will never read.


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When actions can't stand to scrutiny, make the public too crazed with bloodlust to think about their own interest.

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A major pit stop in how we got here was the Afzal Guru judgment. Where the court basically said, yes, he might not have killed anyone, but the collective sentiment is, we need a head on a pike. When the highest court in the land says that, well, here we are.

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Wonder if the people who demand will ever ask the same for the rapists of Kunan Poshpora? twitter.com/samar11/status/120

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Why there is no justice in case till today? Why the case is still pending in SC? Why no justice in case in Maharashtra? Former CM had assured to conclude the case within one year. Why this inhuman delay?

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Many years ago, my mom did an incredible thing. She donated a kidney to my aunt - effectively saving her life. Today, my mom is being denied health insurance. If you know anyone who can help, please let me know.

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Press Release
The Human Rights Forum (HRF) demands that all police personnel who participated in the killing of four accused in the rape and murder case of a veterinarian be immediately arrested and prosecuted for the crime of homicide.

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Proposed citizenship law is immoral, will unleash a legally-sanctioned regime of discrimination | ⁦@gautambhatia88@twitter.com⁩ indianexpress.com/article/opin

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Rahul Gandhi, Congress: There is a reason for this breakdown of our institutional structures, a reason that people are taking law into their own hands. It is because the man who is running this country believes in violence & indiscriminate power. twitter.com/ANI/status/1203202

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@Vidyut@twitter.com Trick is to go on getting younger, and not letting on to all those jealous onlookers

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