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The latest The Vidyut Daily! Thanks to

The latest The Vidyut Daily! Thanks to

What happens when you educate your kids on propagada.

Nasty spiral of one lie leading to another.


My 10yr old son sitting next to me, watching on television the preparations of Uddhav Thackeray's oath taking ceremony.

After watching for few minutes, confused, he turns around & asks, "Mom, but didn't win??!!"

I told him, BJP decided to take a short break!


Kashmir - An Artisan soap as complicated and layered as . -

The design of this soap will keep changing as you use it and new layers are revealed - do see the photos of the making in the link.

RT Then you have a bigger problem, because the call came just as my card was automatically charged for a legitimate bill.

Card was blocked, I got a message to unblock it from SBICard.

So how are random people coming to know when card is used?


Silenced Valley - An Artisan soap inspired by . -

This soap is a memory capsule of sorts with a saffron flower and chinar leaves in their autumn glory. Buy the soap and keep waiting for the day you can finally use it.

Got a call from +4443931349 claiming to be from "SBI Credit Card".


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