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The Tory Elections Bill will allow older person’s bus passes and 60+ Oyster cards, but not student cards or young persons railcards as voter ID.

I wonder why they’re doing that 👇🏼

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The Depp case has raised a lot of questions about men's claims of abuse. How can we tell when they're real? Or when they're DARVO? As an expert, let me explain how professionals in our field tell the difference.

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Even crypto's biggest boosters admit that the industry has a scam problem. This is especially hard to deny now that hundred of billions of (real) dollars' worth of (fake) "stablecoins" have gone up in smoke. 1/

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@briantylercohen@twitter.com Abortion? Ban it.
Contraception? Ban it.
Gay Marriage? Ban it.
Social Media Moderation? Ban it.
Teaching Evolution? Ban it.
Teaching American Slavery? Ban it.
Non-abstinence based Sex-Ed? Ban it.
Guns? Look, banning things never works. People will find ways to get them.

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The ONLY actress I ever fell for while shooting a movie!!!! @MissPiggy@twitter.com. It's true.

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On the other hand, this movie is about what if toxic masculinity and more toxic masculinity had a baby. I get that (spoilers) eventually everybody dies or ends up miserable but I'm afraid that won't prevent it to replace the fight club posters in every edgy incels bedroom soon

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So I eventually watched and my heart is divided. Thought the stunning visuals and sound design, brilliant acting and direction made me easily forget that the whole premise of the movie is what if Shakespeare tried to outmetal black metal

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Alec Guinness was 60 when Star Wars went into production; Ewan McGregor is 51...

Late middle age does come as a terrible shock to some... twitter.com/skrizPO/status/153

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These mass shootings happen so much that Ted Cruz really got a template ready to tweet whenever they occur. Shits wild

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This is a photo of one of Italy’s first female fighter pilots taken in 1903—and while her identity is unknown, her story will live on forever

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Uvalde Update: We were finally able to see my living nephews body to confirm identity. Shot in the face. While leaving to return home we were followed by what was assumed to be media, which win we do not wish to speak during this time. 4 mins after returning home a knock on the

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Le grand méchant des 80's c'est le coiffeur ouais

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Visiblement, le grand méchant de la saison 4, c'est le coiffeur.

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Donc apparemment, pendant le massacre de certains flics ont pénétré dans l'école pour récupérer leurs propres gosses pendant la tuerie alors qu'ils interdisaient aux autres parents de faire de même

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