**Indian environmentalist Vandana Shiva: Fight for climate justice**

"The environmentalist says climate change is the result of irresponsible actors, particularly the fossil fuel industry."


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Editors Gingerliness of India

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The Editors Guild of India has issued a statement

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I'd like to fast-forward a couple hundred years, when people will be laughing about antiquated concepts like countries, borders and nationalities.

This? This still feels like the Dark Ages.

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β€œYou will write & return to Delhi but we have to live here.. we cannot open our mouths & narrate our plight.”

Horrifying reports of a 66 year old being stripped & beaten, minors denied toilets & held for 3 days-urgent need for an independent SIT


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**India's tourism industry hit hard by citizenship law protests**

"Travel warnings issued by several countries have led to fewer tourists visiting India."


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**Fausta, 'world's oldest rhino', dies aged 57 in Tanzania**

"Black female rhino died of 'natural causes' in a sanctuary after living most of her life in wild."


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Remember, the SC and the UP HC could have prevented this.

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Hauz Khas d block right now ⁦( by @budhadityab@twitter.com⁩ )#delhiprotests #CAA_NRC_NPR

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7 including a boy has been detained by Chennai police for staging Kolam(Rangoli) protest against #CAA_NRC_NPR in Besant Nagar.

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@Memeghnad@twitter.com @godisays@twitter.com @jackerhack@twitter.com @prasanna_s@twitter.com Lawyers bangalore for detained
Deepak - 9654298189 (Adugodi)
Sankeerth - 99807 46469 (Ashok Nagar)
Vedanth - 9900132222 (Adugodi)
Prajwal - 96325 16869 (Adugodi)
Nitya - 7829 466499 (Adugodi)
Shodhan - 88614 68866 (SJ Park)
Deeptha - 80959 68270 (SJ Park)
Anjali - 78297 37929

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Jamia matters listed for 04.02.20 No interim protection, no interim orders after 2 hours of submissions on injuries, police force, tear gas in libraries. As the judges left the court the courtroom resounded with cries of shame! Shame! Never seen a day like this in the Delhi HC

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Despite Chennai city police denied permission, many descended and begin demonstration under the banner of Anti Citizenship Amendment Act Movement(anti-CAA movement) at Valluvarkottam

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Protesters gather at #ValluvarKottam in Chennai against the #CAA. The city police had earlier denied permission for the gathering. The protest began with the iconic #Bharathiyar song 'Acham Illai Acham Illai Acham enbathu illaiye' #NRC_CAB

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