Made an account on @vikxin; I may migrate that way, but I don't know yet. Feel free to follow.

Important question: since non-canini members of canidae (e.g. foxes) may wag when happy, how far from canis can we get wagging behavior? Do mustelids wag?

Does ever open for signups or is it invite-only?

Please stop abusing the content warnings for jokes.
Also please try to put descriptive warnings

Someday I hope I can exit tech. Maybe I'll be an artist, if I can stop sucking at it.

Cnidarians are all cowards. They're completely spineless and don't have the nerves for anything.

Yay, it worked. Now if only I could forward tweets to Masto so I can stop using Tweetdeck.

Well since twitter clients are going away soon I might as well start visiting toottown more

Definitely had a nightmare last night that the government was trying to kill me.

Vaguely thinking about moving off of .social. Gargamel seems like a bit of a tool.

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