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Here is a thread I composed and posted to Twitter in September 2018. It went kind-of viral. I am rather fond of it myself because you don't often go viral for something you genuinely care about. And this I really care about. Here goes:

There are so many people that claim to be "spiritual healers" but spread so much harm, preach hyper-individualism, support capitalism, and gaslight victims under faux positivity.

Healing really occurs in loving supportive communities. Yes it requires work on your own but genuine people shouldn't carry their burdens on their own. It's okay to be angry, feel "negative" emotions. It's okay to be mad when someone has you fucked up. It's okay to stand up for yourself when someone has you fucked up.

Hey all. I am going to be at India Science Fest 2020 in Pune on January 11 and 12 as part of a panel discussion on the role of Humanities in Science (and Science in Arts). If you are in or around Pune then, do come by and say hi.

Before the dark Lord's henchmen executed her, the witch told everyone his true name. It was Bart. And the witch also foretold the coming of the one who will end the dark lord - the one who will end Bart.

The Bartender.

Thread by AaronRHanlon: "1) Had some students over tonight for dinner, and *they* started talking about the value of a liberal arts education. We covered all the var […]"

Here is something I have been pondering upon for sometime now.

Mastodon is open source, federated, free. And the most unique thing about it is, it's anything that you want to make it.

I am starting my own nation. It's called Vimohia. The borders of this new nation coincide with the borders of my room.

Attached is a copy of Vimohia's official passport.

Maybe I will write a constitution after lunch.

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What more proof one need for #Aadhaar is National security disaster. The tech is so broken that people need want to meet PM for data updates.

Why does the older generation assign so much value to government jobs in our country?

Is it because it offers stability like they say, or is it because our parents like the part where you can take any amount of bribes that you want, come late to your office every damn day, and still if caught, get out with a simple transfer or temporary suspension

Please answer and boost.

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Nobel economist calls on humanity to end obsession with GDP
"If we measure the wrong thing," warns Joseph Stiglitz, "we will do the wrong thing."
India stop focusing on $5 trillion

His Butler was a 10-foot gorilla. Every evening, he would say to him, "My tea, Joe Young?"

He was very forthcoming. No matter what competition he took part in, he always came fourth.

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