In the distant future, alien beings from many faraway planets have made Earth their home. Not everyone is happy about this.

There are radical factions devoted to cleansing the Earth of all aliens. They claim this planet belongs to those who were born here. They attack and kill aliens wherever they find them with cries of "Earth is for humans" and "aliens go back".

They are known as Humanists. They swear by Humanism.


I like the theme, friend!! If I had the money, I would put it in your story and make a box office hit of it!!

@NSure @vimoh actually part of that movie has already been made, dunno if you guys saw District 9. So many have thought of taking the story/legacy forward but none have had the courage so far. It's a beautiful movie if not seen.

@shirishag75 @vimoh
O yes Shirish! Saw it 2-3 times on TV! Wonderful movie! It's not hollywood production - South African or Australian!!

@shirishag75 @vimoh
Another SF movie I liked - Dev Patel is in it - is Chappie

@NSure @vimoh seen it, but the impression that District 9 had made, none has before or since. It is and was a unique movie by itself.

@shirishag75 @vimoh
Great SF movie no doubt, but different ppl will have different favourites!

I'm waiting to see Asimov's Foundation series as movies! Man, I spent some of my BEST growing up years reading the Foundation Trilogy, then would wait for books 4, 5 & 6 to be available! I have the entire Foundation, I, Robot and a few others books by Asimov at home!! Only the Bicentennial Man & I, Robot have been made into movies. The first not good coz it's not the same, the 2nd same & good!

@NSure @vimoh I loved the bicentennial man but probably robin williams acted in it. He bought the craziness and the feeling of unbelonging as it was for him in real life to reel life. I have seen almost all of his movies, and barring a few he has acted world-class in most of them.

@NSure @shirishag75 I learned this year that Asimov was a serial butt pincher. That has dampened my enthusiasm for him somewhat.

@vimoh @NSure dunno what to say. For e.g. we know the romans did lot of excesses in their time unlike the greek who were the more sensible ones but we can neither read our history without understanding what the greeks did and what the romans did.

@shirishag75 @NSure Part of being an adult is learning to make distinction s between art and artist.

@vimoh @shirishag75
And not mixing the two!!

Artists are notoriously weird people. Perhaps if they weren't weird, they wouldn't be artists!

Oscar Wilde was gay - in those days, being gay was a crime!!

@NSure @vimoh I also remember an SF and science writer don't remember his name atm, but he lived his last few years in Sri Lanks, western gentleman, in the last years or just after he passed, he was accused of paedophilia.

@NSure @vimoh I remember he was the inspiration behind Rama, Arthur C. Clarke. It was mostly UK gossip, how much of it was true or not was never known.

@shirishag75 @NSure It was actually quite well known even while he was alive. He left UK for SL because of the laws being more convenient for him.

@vimoh @shirishag75

Yes, Wilde was incarcerated too. Don't remember whether it was because he made advances to some other guy, or whether he didn't repay debts

@NSure @shirishag75 Being gay is not wrong. Pinching butts is. Arthur C. Clarke was a pedophile. Orson Scott. Card the author of Ender's Game was and remains a homophobe.

I have come to the conclusion that the only heroes worth looking up to are fictional characters.

@vimoh @shirishag75

I just enjoy the book, without worrying where the author's fingers were, just before he picked up his pen to write...

@NSure Trouble is, authors don't just write with their fingers. It's their minds they use.

Everything originates in the mind... Butt pinching too!!

@vimoh @shirishag75
Honestly, I didn't know that. But it doesn't reduce one iota of his genius as a SF author!!

BTW, there are plans to make a movie out of the Foundation series!!

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