Let's get one thing straight about the "normalcy" narrative. It is not designed to reassure those in harm's way. It is not meant to assuage the fears of those who these new laws hurt.

The "everything is normal" narrative is for the rest of us. The ones who have privilege.

The reason news channels, fake Twitter accounts, and assorted dry fruits from the RW stable are endlessly repeating that there is nothing to fear from the Kashmir blackout, the Assam situation, and the Citizenship Amendment Act, is not because those who brought about these changes are genuinely at pains to explain their misunderstood intentions.

They are repeating "everything is normal" because they fear you - the urban, educated, powerful citizens of India. You are the only thing they fear. So they are trying to put you to bed.

They are trying to make sure you don't get too angry, or too outraged. They are trying to tell you this is a small thing unworthy of your attention. They are saying this will not affect those you care about.

The reason many news anchors are smiling as they talk about protests is because they don't want to take this seriously. The thing they fear more than anything else is your conscience. And because despite their best efforts, they have been unable to kill it, they are trying to at least lull it to sleep so they may pursue their agenda unhindered.

The RW dream of a Hindu nation is obviously not horrifying to you because you are Hindu or have enough social capital to not have to care.


But know that this social experiment is OLD - like pre-1947 old. And each time, the thing that has thwarted it has been secular solidarity.

Because they know they can't declare India a Hindu nation overnight (because you all will descend upon them like screaming banshees), they do things in installments. One small thing at a time. One little push followed by "this is nothing - everything is normal". Then another, and another and another and another.

Until one day we wake up to find the Constitution doesn't look familiar and none of our friends are around and there is a cow in the Parliament compound.


Nothing is normal. This is wrong. India is a secular country and it MUST remain that way.

The "normal" thing is a lullaby and you all are grown-ups. Let it show, every day.

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