Hey Mastodon. Back after a while. Terrible times, but how has everyone been otherwise?

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Sorry about not being here for a few days. Twitter has been ablaze with CAA news and protest news and I was contributing there. Mastodon remains of course. And I am not leaving it.

JNU and Jamia and the like are places of excellence for Humanities education. Sociology, Economics, Literature etc. Areas that produce critical thinkers and artists.

Anyone know why the IITs don't get attacked by the government? That's the support base silly!

The bias against Arts does not exist in a vacuum. Arts produce forces that change society. Can't have that if your aim is to protect the majoritarian status quo that thinks becoming an engineer is moksha.

Until one day we wake up to find the Constitution doesn't look familiar and none of our friends are around and there is a cow in the Parliament compound.


Nothing is normal. This is wrong. India is a secular country and it MUST remain that way.

The "normal" thing is a lullaby and you all are grown-ups. Let it show, every day.

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But know that this social experiment is OLD - like pre-1947 old. And each time, the thing that has thwarted it has been secular solidarity.

Because they know they can't declare India a Hindu nation overnight (because you all will descend upon them like screaming banshees), they do things in installments. One small thing at a time. One little push followed by "this is nothing - everything is normal". Then another, and another and another and another.

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The reason many news anchors are smiling as they talk about protests is because they don't want to take this seriously. The thing they fear more than anything else is your conscience. And because despite their best efforts, they have been unable to kill it, they are trying to at least lull it to sleep so they may pursue their agenda unhindered.

The RW dream of a Hindu nation is obviously not horrifying to you because you are Hindu or have enough social capital to not have to care.

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They are repeating "everything is normal" because they fear you - the urban, educated, powerful citizens of India. You are the only thing they fear. So they are trying to put you to bed.

They are trying to make sure you don't get too angry, or too outraged. They are trying to tell you this is a small thing unworthy of your attention. They are saying this will not affect those you care about.

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The reason news channels, fake Twitter accounts, and assorted dry fruits from the RW stable are endlessly repeating that there is nothing to fear from the Kashmir blackout, the Assam situation, and the Citizenship Amendment Act, is not because those who brought about these changes are genuinely at pains to explain their misunderstood intentions.

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Let's get one thing straight about the "normalcy" narrative. It is not designed to reassure those in harm's way. It is not meant to assuage the fears of those who these new laws hurt.

The "everything is normal" narrative is for the rest of us. The ones who have privilege.

I'm funding a small, independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers and designers to fix problems that were born at my company on my watch, that I've allowed to fester uninterrupted for a decade as I flapped about ineffectually and am now refusing to take responsibility for or acknowledge anyone else’s efforts to improve, something something scale.

This Hindu Hubris will cause history to repeat itself, surrounded as we are, by insurmountable natural and developmental issues that we are turning blind eyes to. Hindutva / Hinduism aren't magic pills that can turn waste to gold. We close our eyes to this at our own cost.

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They think the Pakistani way is underappreciated. They think the reason it didn't work is because of the failings of Muslims. If only Hindus could take a go at this golden system, it will be the best thing ever. Hindus will do it right, you'll see. Hindus rock.

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So the Left emphasised how India was different from India, and though the Right seemed to agree, what it really had its eyes on was how to reduce that difference to zero. They really love the Pakistani way you see.

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They never cared about institutions, not about social equality. They are happy to reap the benefits and the bragging rights. But what the Right has always sought is a rather (chef's kiss) Pakistan-like quality. This is that happening at last.

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Honestly, only the Left had problems with Pakistan as far as its systems were concerned. The binary-buddhis of the Right were always envious of Pakistan. They always wanted to be Pakistan. And that is what we are seeing right now. The first step of their plan to become Pakistan.

The Vice President of India???

With two women MPs asking to speak as the discussion on the Arms Amendment Bill, 2019 was wrapping up on Tuesday evening, the Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu remarked that he thought women did not need firearms and that others would protect them.


“In my opinion, women don’t need firearms, others will protect you,” he said.

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