Chennai people, there is a protest today in front of the State Guest House in Chepauk at 4 pm (against the CAA and the police violence and repression that has followed). Please attend if you can. Spread the word.

TIL that IFFK has a parallel indie festival happening at the Lenin Balavady right behind Tagore Theatre (the epicenter of IFFK). One of the signs translates to "Here you can talk politics"

The jubilant reactions to the extra-judicial murder of the Hyderabad rape accused is the clearest demonstration of why Modi is so popular and forevermore will be so. Everyone knows the encounter was fake. The people cheering it on are fully cognisant of the lies, but their bloodlust is satisfied and that is all that matters. This is the prism from which they view this government also.

Might fuck about and hack a landlord forum

Unpopular opinion maybe but that New Yorker piece was nothing particularly insightful or eye-opening. I mean I am glad that it exists and that the horrors it recounts are published under the prestigious masthead of the New Yorker. But that apart, I wouldn't really recommend that anyone even vaguely familiar with Indian politics actually waste their time reading it.

I have committed as steadfastly to NaNoWriMo as I have to No Nut November. As always.

So I saw Gul Panag at Chandigarh airport. I saw someone who looked like her and was wondering if it was her but then I noticed that both her handbag and her suitcase said GUL in big letters. It's quite considerate of her to confirm things like that.

So the Indian government is improving Indian net users' privacy and privacy consciousness by trying to ban porn -

h/t @ahalam

What are the odds of meeting not one, not two, but three people who are Motherjane fans at one single party. Three people who were fans enough to be able to sing along to Mindstreet! That was a rare pleasure.

I moved from Windows (7) to Mac in January 2013. Unlike many switchers at no point did I feel OSX/macOS was superior to Windows. Both had their pluses and minuses. But the one thing macOS had going for it was stability. With Apple has flushed that trump card down the toilet. So many bugs, so many random hangs, so many forced reboots. Catalina is the most frustrating desktop OS I've used and I've used early-2000s era desktop Linux distros. I wonder if Apple will ever fix this shitshow.

and what do you know? class cancelled because of heavy rain. what are the fucking odds?

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"but healyn, each album tells its own story". whatever, every early Springsteen song is about hanging out on a porch, or fucking under bleachers, or fucking in the back of his el camino, or shooting pool with "big bones willy". that's like five of his albums. and they're all awesome

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if you ever want to know where to start with a popular musical artist, i would recommend their "Greatest Hits" album

Managed to wake up at 6 am for 7 am gym class. Major breakthrough right here. Usually, unless it's for work, waking up before 7 am is hard. :P

Ah the mild relief of seeing an IAE V2500 under the wings of your Indigo flight when you board. Hope they fix all the neos asap.

Just when I was settling into enjoying the gentle Madras winter I have to fly out all the way to the actual cold of Chandigarh. Gah. If you need layers, it's bad weather.

I for one am happy that Bloomberg has thrown his hat into the ring. He'll mostly take away votes from Biden, and maybe a few from Warren, and hopefully that will be enough to propel Sanders to the top. Thoughts, anyone?

What are your thoughts on the aesthetics of the (not taking into account the fact that Musk is evil etc)

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