A public service announcement for you and the loved ones in your life:


End of PSA.

Image is a screencap of this article: forbes.com/sites/emilybaker-wh

Okay, all my old friends who didn't leave Facebook back when I did, this is where I draw the line, it's time to go.

After this if you're still suckling at Zuckerberg's teat I consider you complacent, I don't even want to send you a holiday card any more.

Get a real website for your business.
Use the telephone to talk to grandma.
Coordinate the soccer team with email.
Chat with XMPP or Signal.
Share photos on Flickr.
No more excuses. There's plenty of great alternatives.

Delete your Facebook account.

@vincentj Pro tip: It's not just FB. If you're doing illegal things, don't post about it *anywhere*.

@vincentj I'm pondering the meaning of "Innovation" on the top left corner of the title 🤔

@tuv Whatever you guess is as good as mine. You can click through to the article and see if you can glean anything.

I included the link b/c I was citing the source of my outrage, but it's fine if you don't want to click through and just take my word for it that's fucking bizarre and horrifying.

Forbes : forbes.com/sites/emilybaker-wh
"A Nebraska teenager is facing criminal charges alleging she aborted a fetus in violation of state law, after authorities obtained her Facebook messages using a search warrant. (...)"

I don't like Facebook any more than you do, and I'm against freedom-destroying laws, but what American company could object to a search warrant?

@Le_bottin_des_jeux_linux all of them. Internet sites with a pittance of FB's resources fight search warrants constantly.

It remains to be seen what proportion of those who succeed.

The story doesn't say (for now) if Facebook has at least tried to oppose it in some way (they must have a good team of lawyers who must not lack imagination and jurisprudence).

@redragdolly I know, right?! Be safe out there. Assume that all social media are hostile to you.

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