We've been working on making it easier to contribute reviews to @ToSDR. It's not perfect yet, but it's already quite the improvement over the previous process. Try it out now at .

@vinnl @ToSDR
Do you plan to implement a similar tool for PDFs? I have come across a few services that put their T&Cs on linked PDFs.

@benji_bacchus @ToSDR We have an open issue for that:

We'd like for it to be supported. Unfortunately, we don't currently know of an easy way to do this. Additionally, we're short on contributor time, so there's not really anyone available to implement it right now. If you happen to know of someone who would be able to contribute it, we're open to Pull Requests :)

@vinnl @ToSDR
Thank you! Sadly I can't code or anything but I'm happy to contribute to annotating T&Cs. Should I use the "Add a point not linked to a document" button for those PDFs instead?

@benji_bacchus @ToSDR Yes, that currently is the best way to add the points for now. Thanks for contributing!

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