Anyone on who can tell me whether and with which hardware it is feasible to wirelessly cast my screen to an external monitor?

@vinnl I did a quick search but I didn't see anything about support/unsupported hardware. Can you elaborate on your issue?

@gh057 No issue yet, but I'm hoping to set something like that up. I've vaguely heard of Miracast, but that mainly turns up old questions that seem to say it wasn't easily possible back then. Likewise for AirPlay, and as far as I can see Chromecast only shows Chrome - and both are proprietary.

So I'm hoping to find someone with positive experiences and hardware recommendations :)

@vinnl Unfortunately I have not done it myself. I usually run everything headless but if I find some time I may just give it a go out of curiosity. Thank you for explaining. :D

@vinnl check out MiracleCast and gnomecast.

If you intend to play games steam excellent built in steaming functionality with steam play.

@SwindlerOfInsanity Thanks! Gnomecast looks very nice, *but* only able to stream single files, rather than my entire screen. I can't find a .deb, Snap or Flatpak for Miraclecast - do you know if there is one, or do I have to compile it myself?

@vinnl i just checked looks like you might need to compile it.

Also I forgot to mention there is vnc as well but in my experience it usually has slow refresh rates.

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