I just can't get over how great StreetComplete is. It looks fantastic, is incredibly easy to use, and actually makes it fun to contribute data about the Real World for the benefit of everyone.

If you run Android, be sure to give it a try: github.com/westnordost/StreetC

I just started using osmand and it looks great too! Is it a similar thing?


@BradReed OSMAnd is great, but it's useful as a navigation app, and to make edits you know you want to and how to make. (And its UX isn't always entirely intuitive, though it's improved a lot.)

StreetComplete is only for contributing to OSM, and it does a lot more handholding. It tells you what data is missing, and helps you add it in the correct format.

Oh so it's a complementary thing. I might check it as well. Thx!

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