"Futuristic web development" by Rich Harris youtu.be/qSfdtmcZ4d0

Interesting talk. The TL;DW for me:

- Snowpack really revolutionized web development – nobody is going to want Webpack/Rollup/bundlers in their dev server anymore given how much faster it is to use straight modules.
- Serverless is starting to influence JS meta-frameworks. In particular, they're starting to separate static content from dynamic content to fit better with the serverless model.

Thing is, I still haven't seen a really good demonstration of how much money you can save with a serverless deployment versus a classic Node/Ruby/Java/whatever app server. It's a lot of extra complexity and potential lock-in, so how much cash exactly are we talking? Theoretically it's cheaper, but I'm just really curious to see hard numbers.

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@nolan For me, the benefits of serverless are not so much the cost of running your app like you usually would (I'm not sure if that's cheaper - especially if you're locked in).

However, the marginal costs of spinning up additional instances that are otherwise equal to your production environment are so low, that is becomes feasible to do so for every minor new feature you develop.


@nolan That allows you to do away with dev, test, and acceptance environments. Instead, every change has its own environment, with high confidence that it will behave in the same way as your production environment.

@vinnl @nolan This is the first time I actually hear a compelling argument for serverless, and it's very compelling as high quality testing so many times has been infeasible due to the environments problem. Have you read or watched something related to this that you would be interested in sharing? I'd like to learn more.

@pajn @nolan The general strategy is not necessarily limited to serverless (it can just make it cheaper), so if that's what you're interested in, I wrote about how I'm using it here: vincenttunru.com/fearless-depl

I've seen it being pushed by GitLab under the moniker "review apps": about.gitlab.com/stages-devops

@vinnl @nolan I have only found review apps really possible to use with static pages/client side JS because of the deployment problem. So that's why I found your argument for serverless so compelling. Thank you for your link, I will read and contemplate. If I could find a way to make use of review apps everywhere that would be totally amazing!

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