Yesterday I gifted myself a whole bunch of unit tests, so all I have to do now is write the implementation and see them flip to green. Thanks, Yesterday Vincent!

To be clear, this project happens to lend itself particularly well for test-driven development. That's not a luxury that I always have. And I'll probably still have to fix some incorrect tests anyway.

(I'd get Impostor Syndrome from reading my own toot, hence the clarification.)

@vinnl I'm wondering about doing this for one of my projects. Also using the "dream code" technique if you know what I mean. Any thoughts?

I'm usually a get stuck in and implement guy and it works well because I generally know how to structure and design having done this for so many years, but also am curious about this.

@happybeing Unfortunately I do not know what the "dream code" technique is :)

The thing that makes it feasible is that we pushed hard for most of the code consisting of pure functions, the actual project lending itself well for such an architecture, and those functions having pretty clearly-defined inputs and outputs. And even then I still had to go back and fix about twenty or so because I'd missed one requirement in the input data.

@vinnl thanks, that helpful. The "dream code" thing as I understand it is pretty much what you described. Driven by the front end you think of the requirements and how you will build the UI and front end functionality to deliver them, and from there design the ideal (dream) API to support it. Rather than coming from the back end and designing an implementation based API.

I expect you might need adapt the API according to implementation considerations, so it might be iterative.

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