This week's side project might be useful for Solid developers. It's called Penny, and it allows you to inspect and manipulate data in your Pod.

Give it a try here, and let me know what you think:

@vinnl This is awesome :D I feel like I'll use from now on to interact with my POD :) thanks!

Some improvements I can see:
- It'd be nice to have a button to collapse the blocks under "Things" (maybe even appear collapsed by default).
- I'm missing a button to delete a container with all their contents. I know that's a dangerous operation, but I think having the confirmation you already have for deleting resources is enough.

@vinnl Also, It allows you to delete auto-generated things like `ldp:contains` triples from containers, but of course nothing happens. The network request for this returns 500 but I don't see an error in the UI.

@noeldemartin Thanks for the suggestions! Collapsing and better handling of unhappy paths are on my informal TODO.txt, but I'm not sure I'm going to do the non-empty container deletion, as I don't know yet how to deal with the situation in which some files were deleted, but other files weren't. But who knows :)

@vinnl I guess you could just stop the deletion process whenever something goes wrong. And if some resources have been lost it should be fine, given that the user was trying to delete everything.

But yeah, I don't think it's such a common use-case, I just need to do it because I often test the golden path with Media Kraken and I have many useless containers with movies that I'd like to clean up xD. But I have seen that I can remove their reference in the type index and that's already useful :).

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