I want to support decentralisation, but I also want to have some confidence that a Mastodon instance will be around in the somewhat longer term.

Thus, I was thinking about moving to . Anything to be aware of?

@vinnl I am a bit more radical and switched to my very own instance using :) They take care of updating and keeping it running and I decide what my instance does. :)

@jwildeboer @vinnl it's a good compromise! Do they let you export the db in case you want to self host? Do they let you use your own domain?

@jwildeboer @vinnl yes you can. I looked it up which was better then asking, sorry 😅

@jwildeboer Haha yeah I'm definitely not going to do that: if I want some longer-term certainty, I'd best take myself out of the equation as much as possible :) But thanks for the suggestion.

@vinnl to be honest, I'm not sure how much the size of the instance tells you about long-term perspective.
I'd even argue that nothing much can give you long term perspective except a permanent job position and your own instance for which you're paying a decent company to do the maintenance. And even that supposes that the company will last long-term, which is just anyone's guess...

@silmathoron Right, I'm sure there's no 100% perfect instance, but I'd still guess that the expected longevity does differ per instance. It seems like has the best prospects, and as far as I can see Fosstodon is not far behind. But I'm not sure, which is why I'm asking :)

@vinnl so are you looking for instances that are administered by several people? otherwise how do you evaluate an instance "prospect"?

@silmathoron That would be an obvious criterion to look at (that I think holds for Fosstodon). I suppose sources of funding would be another. But mostly, I'm wondering if people know of other things that would be relevant to consider, and how those apply to Fosstodon.

@vinnl Personally, I'd go for something like mastohost if I wanted it hustle-free (although I started running my instance 2 years ago and I've dedicated less than 4 hours to maintenance).

For most people, I believe the best would be to use an instance from someone they trust. Ideally, I wouldn't like an instance bigger than 150 users (Dunbar's number).

@vinnl And I think the main advantage of having an instance-of-one is not about the server, but about the domain. I am running this in DigitalOcean now, but tomorrow I can open a mastohost account or pay someone to host it for me, without anyone noticing.

@noeldemartin Yep, but setting up my own domain is still more hassle and reliance on unreliable me than I'm willing to bear at this time. Additionally, it feels like somewhat of a waste of resources that I'd like to avoid if I can.

Unfortunately, though there are plenty of people I trust, I think there are none who are also running an instance and are relatively sure they'll still be running it in a couple of years.

@vinnl Yeah I know what you mean, I wish personal domains were natural to our digital citizenship and not something that only geeks do. I struggle with this myself, I don't have everything under my domain even though I'd like to 😅

@noeldemartin Yeah exactly, and for all the stuff I *do* have under my domain, I'm afraid that I'll one day mess it all up in one fell swoop 😅

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