"People want more relevant ads" sounds reasonable, until you realise that "more relevant" means "tailored to influence your specific behaviour".

For example, showing you articles about the futility of voting if you're likely to vote a certain way.

@vinnl I’ve always mentally edited that expression as I read it from: “Would you like more relevant ads?” to “Would you like no more ads?” to which I then look for the “Yes Please!” button and am then disappointed...

@vinnl It's hard to believe that most people aren't annoyed by ads. I don't want to see any ads (relevant or not) in any form for the rest of my life. I know what I'm going to buy when shopping or who to vote without someone else telling me.

@vinnl I've said it before ( "Relevant ads" sound like something helpful, but if they are ever helpful, it is by accident. By design, ads are distracting and manipulative. Once you start giving users helpful information to help them stay productive and informed, you've left the land of advertising.

@vinnl to hell with the ads, however helpful or relevant they'd come.

I have a hunch that most of the people would be more like this, outside of the ad tech prospects.

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