I want to support decentralisation, but I also want to have some confidence that a Mastodon instance will be around in the somewhat longer term.

Thus, I was thinking about moving to . Anything to be aware of?

It's time — I'm going to try to move to . Crossing my fingers that all goes well and everything transfers over properly.

In case things do not go as smoothly as I'm hoping, you can follow my new account at @VincentTunru.


Turns out it might take up to 24 hours before Mastodon sees that I've linked the two accounts, so I'll try again tomorrow...


Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong migrating from one account to another?

Both instances are on version 3.3.0, I've added my old account as an alias for my new account, but then when I go to my old account's settings to move it, it says it's not an alias.

More than a week later, and still doesn't detect that I've set up this account as an alias for my new one — guess I'll be staying on mastodon.social for the foreseeable future :/

Did you enter password of current @masto.social account?

It also seems like fosstodon.org needs to be made an alias of social account, not the other way around

@olamina Yes, I entered my current account's password.

I also tried adding the new account as an alias of the current one, but that didn't seem to matter. It also says "To move from another account to this one, first you need to create an account alias", so that seems to imply that it's the new account that needs to have the current one listed as an alias.

@vinnl I think I had that when I moved one of my accounts. The other just worked but one insisted the alias wasn't.

I retried over a few days. I messaged the admin. Never got a response. But then after about a week it worked so I don't know if that involved some intervention or not.

@happybeing Ah, thanks, that's reassuring. I did remember reading a toot by someone running into the same, but I didn't remember who it was :)

I'll try again in a couple of days then I suppose.

You can also just export followers/followed from one account and import to the otger

@vinnl hmm strange..;can you try @vincentunru@fosstodon.org ?

notice the two @
I've always managed to move to & from different instances without any issue...

@benborges I tried that too, but unfortunately it just removes the @ and then gives the same message.

@vinnl hmm really strange...
let me try moving mine to benb@m.benborges.xyz

@vinnl Is the new account back-referencing this old one?


@vinnl 🤷‍♀️

Worth asking the servers for logs I guess? Especially mastodon.social as they are the ones unable to determine the alias.

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