More than a week later, and still doesn't detect that I've set up this account as an alias for my new one — guess I'll be staying on for the foreseeable future :/

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Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong migrating from one account to another?

Both instances are on version 3.3.0, I've added my old account as an alias for my new account, but then when I go to my old account's settings to move it, it says it's not an alias.

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Voor mij wat verrassender: die andere aanjager van de toeslagenaffaire, Renske Leijten van de SP, staat nog wel een eindje af van haar lijsttrekker Lillian Marijnissen.

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Verder duidelijk zichtbaar: de sterke nummers 2.

Met Wybren van Haga bijna op gelijke hoogte met Thierry Baudet, Pieter Omtzigt niet ver achter Wopke Hoekstra, en Tunahan Kuzu dicht bij Farid Azarkan.

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Dan die andere vrouw die met voorkeursstemmen een plekje in de Tweede Kamer heeft bemachtigd: Marieke Koekkoek van Volt.

Ze heeft met gemak de voorkeursdrempel gehaald, ten koste van nummer 3 Ernst Boutkan.

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Ook de stemmers van D66 hebben erg hun best gedaan om vrouwen in de Tweede Kamer te krijgen. In de peilingen stond D66 rond de 18 zetels, en je ziet een piek rond die positie.

Als het nodig was geweest, zou nummer 21 Kiki Hagen met voorkeursstemmen de Kamer in zijn gekomen.

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De invloed van de -campagne is bij sommige partijen goed te zien. Zo is bij GroenLinks elke uitschieter een vrouw, waaronder Kauthar Bouchallikht en Lisa Westerveld, die met voorkeursstemmen in de Kamer zijn gekomen, en Stephanie Bennett, die dat nét niet gelukt is.

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Elke kandidaat heeft zijn/haar eigen balk, die weergeeft hoeveel stemmen die specifieke kandidaat heeft gehaald.

Zo kun je bijvoorbeeld duidelijk zien dat een overweldigende meerderheid van de VVD-stemmers op Mark Rutte (de eerste blauwe balk helemaal links) heeft gestemd.

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I built the original in 2015 with a number of learning goals, among which were actually finishing projects, and React. Over the years several people have taken the effort of actually reaching out to me to share how it's been helpful to them, which has been very gratifying.

Rebuilding it was a good way of reflecting on both how much I've learned since then, and how much our tooling has improved.

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I relaunched my tutorial! It gets you from being able to use Git to actually understanding it in less than fifteen minutes.

It is now also usable on smaller screens, looks a bit more modern, and is now up-to-date with modern Git features and conventions.

Git it a try at

This week's side project might be useful for Solid developers. It's called Penny, and it allows you to inspect and manipulate data in your Pod.

Give it a try here, and let me know what you think:

It's here! My masterpiece, the last VSCode extension you will ever need: Whoopee cushion keyboard.

Yes, it makes fart sounds when you type.

That's it. That's the extension.

Get it here:

Or don't, that's probably better.

If you look up regular expressions on MDN, it now includes an explicit example highlighting that \w does not actually match all alphanumeric characters in most languages.

Hopefully that will result in fewer people being told that their actual, real name is "not valid".

It's time syntax highlighting themes stopped de-emphasising comments. Especially when they're used in documentation.

The resemblance between this endangered animal and the browser named after it is uncanny.

Just found out that the Web Replay experiment of the Firefox DevTools was discontinued.

Such a shame; it really would have been a killer feature:

I just can't get over how great StreetComplete is. It looks fantastic, is incredibly easy to use, and actually makes it fun to contribute data about the Real World for the benefit of everyone.

If you run Android, be sure to give it a try:

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