I saw an actual, Dutch-language, physical billboard ad for DuckDuckGo. I'm not too big of a fan of billboard ads, but it's pretty cool that privacy is enough of a selling point that this is a sensible investment.

(Though of course, it's not unlikely that outdoor advertising is relatively cheap today.)

Apparently OpenStreetMaps also allows you to record pandemic-related altered opening hours. Pretty cool.

Medical staff calling for people to stay home - I'm especially digging the person holding two sheets with nothing but exclamation marks.

If not Firefox, then I wonder if there's *any* non-Chrome browser that Zoom would consider "standard".

Great list of additional reasons for why accessibility is important beyond compliance and helping those with official disabilities.


I also wrote a small application that allowed us to practice the game. This way, we started to recognise and internalise patterns, in addition to making it easier to memorise the words. Try it out at lingo.vincenttunru.com

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Using a subtitles-based corpus of Dutch words, I wrote a script that gave me three words that covered most commonly occurring letters for every letter of the alphabet. We memorised those and used them as our first guesses, and have two left to guess the right word.

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But first, let me describe the game. If you're familiar with Mastermind: it's like that, but with words. You guess a word, see which letters are correct, and which are in the right place. You have five guesses to find the right word.

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This past week, Dutch people might have seen my brother and I participate in a game show on national TV. We spent waaaay too much effort preparing for it - let me share some of the things we did.

Some serious dark patterns in Invision's sign-up flow here:

- Having to check a box to *not* subscribe.
- Not even explicitly asking whether they can contact you, masquerading it as a question about your interests.

The feeling when your new CI setup works on the first try.

To make that even easier, the pipeline also runs a visual regression test, which compares the various states of the app to reference screenshots created earlier. This prevents the inclusion of unintended changes, and allows me to view the effects of my changes at a glance.

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Next to the app itself, it also deploys a Storybook, showcasing the app in the various states it can be in. This is perfect for quickly verifying the effect of styling changes, without having to run through countless scenarios in order to reproduce specific app states.

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