I just learned that websites can mark password fields as `new-password`, and that at least Firefox is working on using it to autogenerate strong passwords for new users. Together with Mozilla's recent focus on Lockwise, this should make password managers a lot more accessible to more people.


I'm not sure what people mean when they say that WebAssembly is the new Flash. Flash was bad because:

- it did not integrate with the rest of the DOM, at all.
- it frequently made your browser crash or grind to a halt.
- it was proprietary and controlled by a single company.
- it came with considerable security risks.

None of those hold for WebAssembly, as far as I can see. Is the problem just that it's harder to 'View Source', like it is for minified Javascript?

The big difference is that the consumers of package managers (i.e. developers) are empowered to build a decentralized solution. We're coders. We got this. I think entropic will take off.

I'm more concerned about the state of social media. Social media isn't like CPAN or RubyGems or npm – the muggles use it! Who is out there defending the muggles?

If federated social media is really going to be "the commons," then it has to be accessible to more than just geeks. We have to democratize it.

@baldur That is an incredibly well-considered document.

Good morning Europe! 🇪🇺 Don't forge to vote. Vote for freedom, peace, openness and diversity... it's about our future and the future of our children.

@zack I think the idea is that you configure it system-wide, and that Firefox passes that preference on to websites. So of course that depends on OS support.

But as other replies have pointed out, there's an extension to toggle it for just Firefox.

Football (and result spoiler) 

@nolan And the ones that *are* programmers have specialised, so web developers don't want to tinker with their Xorg config, native developers don't need the source code to their web services, etc. But that does require trusting the author of that code, which is were privacy, well-being, etc come in.

@eliotberriot Well.. How would text-based meetings work for people with motor problems? And synchronous meetings in general for people with attention disorders?

@marijn I like `lezer`, although I'd guess my English pronunciation would soud more like "lee-zer". Then again, I do speak Dutch, so native speakers might pronounce it differently.

I've always liked dev tools as a place to learn about how HTML, CSS and JS actually work. The latest iteration of that: Firefox to show which properties don't actually do anything on a given element
RT @patrickbrosset@twitter.com
I've been involved in DevTools dev for years, and I've both had and heard many good ideas to improve it.
It's always a special feeling seeing on of them finally take shape.

Latest one to date: detect C…

And yes, Firefox is still fighting a huge uphill battle against Chrome interop, and I have no idea how they're even able to keep their heads above water. They need all the help they can get, because they're battling stupid bugs like this every single day.

WebKit (Safari) is no less amazing for the comeback they've pulled off in the past few years, although they have fewer interop pressures. Web devs make sure their sites work in Safari, because the CEO has an iPhone.

@prismo In any case, these things happen, they suck, but you'll get over it. And the upside is that this is also the way you grow as a developer :)

@prismo That feeling of dread sinking into your stomach must've been terrible, sorry about that...

Of course the primary lesson here is that backups are important, but very closely after that I think is this:

> I hotfixed it directly on the server

A basic CI setup pays off so quickly and creates a lot of confidence - I'd highly recommend it.

As for what happened: I'm guessing you ran `git rm -r ./postgres/*` in the `dev` branch, which then got replicated on your production server...

> In this paper, we aim to answer a long-standing open problem in the programming languages community: is it possible to smear paint on the wall without creating valid Perl?

> We answer this question in the affirmative: (...) merely 93% of paint splatters parse as valid Perl.

The idea is very funny, the presentation is hilarious.


Aargh. I just pressed Ctrl+Q instead of Ctrl+W, and after a restart of Firefox, the Google Inbox tab I had open started redirecting to Gmail >.<

@ernmander @ubports @ubuntu Is it the only phone you use? Is it stable? Does it do most of what you want?

@vinnl I'd expect @Fairphone to either announce more details about a next model soon, or that sales for the FP2 have been slowing enough for them to no longer be profitable. I'm hoping it's the first :)

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