@guilevi In addition, people can follow @PleaseCaption (and let the bot follow them back) to get a reminder if they post an image without description.

@benb Thanks for the help anyway. Staying here isn't too bad I guess — saves me updating a bunch of links across the web :)

@benb Weird, I wonder what the difference is.

That last link you posted is to the page for setting up redirection, though - I think that doesn't bring over followers?

@benborges I tried that too, but unfortunately it just removes the @ and then gives the same message.

More than a week later, and still doesn't detect that I've set up this account as an alias for my new one — guess I'll be staying on mastodon.social for the foreseeable future :/

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@happybeing Ah, thanks, that's reassuring. I did remember reading a toot by someone running into the same, but I didn't remember who it was :)

I'll try again in a couple of days then I suppose.

@olamina Yes, I entered my current account's password.

I also tried adding the new account as an alias of the current one, but that didn't seem to matter. It also says "To move from another account to this one, first you need to create an account alias", so that seems to imply that it's the new account that needs to have the current one listed as an alias.

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong migrating from one account to another?

Both instances are on version 3.3.0, I've added my old account as an alias for my new account, but then when I go to my old account's settings to move it, it says it's not an alias.

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Turns out it might take up to 24 hours before Mastodon sees that I've linked the two accounts, so I'll try again tomorrow...


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It's time — I'm going to try to move to . Crossing my fingers that all goes well and everything transfers over properly.

In case things do not go as smoothly as I'm hoping, you can follow my new account at @VincentTunru.

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@flyingpimonster Exclusive. "We've prevented you from being able to buy this anywhere else, isn't that great?!"

@vinnl hey, admin of Fosstodon here, I know this is an old thread, but thought I’d chime in. Maybe this post will help allay any concerns about longevity?


@kev Yes, that's exactly the type of info I was hoping people would point me to, thanks! I'll try to find some time to migrate soonish :)

And maybe as a suggestion, I went looking for this info here, so might be worth adding a link to that post at that page: fosstodon.org/about/more

@drb @engrxiv

So for federation to be successful, I think it should be more than just a firehose of more articles that researchers can attempt to drink from.

(Full disclosure, I work on Plaudit.pub, also available on engrXiv, which tries to tackle this problem. I haven't figured out how federation could work there, but that's definitely something that'd be very desirable.)

@drb @engrxiv

However, there's a major difference between social networks and publishing that would make this more difficult. In a social network, being able to add yet another person's posts to your timeline is often attractive. Academic articles, however, are a far more major time investment.

Thus, when it comes to academic works, the problem is not just discovery, but also filtering: of all those potentially relevant works, which ones do I choose to spend time on?

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