@nolan I like what Create React App does: only enable ESLint rules that help catch/prevent bugs.

As far as I've seen, most people's own coding style is similar enough that they're perfectly able to read and modify each other's code, which really is the main thing that matters.

When someone says they've got nothing to hide, the worst counter-argument you can give is "try going to the bathroom with the door open". It is easy to deflect and completely misses the point.

They're actually right: they do not have anything to hide. The ones who do are journalists, whistle-blowers, persecuted minorities, etc.

And if those are the only ones taking privacy-preserving measures, that fact alone will be a red flag.

Them: here's all the features we want for v1.

Lean methodology: it's better to build an MVP - doing the minimum amount of work that solves someone's problem, and use their experience to inform the next steps.

Them: here's all the features we want for MVP1.

re: FOSS / tech / privacy musings 

FOSS / tech / privacy musings 

I'd like to write a thread about some of the performance tricks in #Pinafore, just for those who might be interested.

The feeling when your new CI setup works on the first try.

@nolan I had a library that someone basically wanted reimplemented for their environment. Whatever, I had some spare time, felt like working on it, so I did.

Provided a new prerelease build, asking them to let me know whether that satisfied their use case.

"You're too quick, let me check after the weekend."

Never a word after that :(

@elementary Are your RSS Feed URLs still the same? This post doesn't show up in my feed reader...

@Hdv@toot.cafe I imagine the recommendation part would be on the roadmap of bookaroo.nl

@baldur And native apps on phones have the worst of both worlds...


> The more popular the site, the more likely it has at least one [dark pattern].

I'm not sure I want to know which is cause and which is effect...

@surma What do you mean by that? Aren't ES6 modules provided by... ES6? I use them all the time in my React projects. Unless I'm misunderstanding something?

@moopet Thanks, I didn't even know that was an option! I suppose you need more reputation for that than I have, because I can't find the button to add my nomination...

@moopet In this case, it came down to:

When I see the error "CORS header ‘Origin’ cannot be added" - _why_ could it not be added?


There are actually people being helpful in the comments, but they're not rewarded for it with that sweet, sweet upvote karma.

Me: Oh great, someone on StackOverflow posted the exact question I have. I can probably find answers that are useful to me here!

*scrolls down to see answers*

StackOverflow community: Question closed as off-topic for not being useful to others.

@pixelfed If it will be opt-in or opt-out, it would be good if the API would at least indicate whether the instance has not opted in/opted out.

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