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I'd like to increase the geographical diversity of the people I follow - currently overwhelmingly people from Western Europe and the US.

Any interesting people to follow who primarily toot about frontend/engineering, and primarily in English?

RTs for reach appreciated.

I love this: A patent on patent trolling.

> A system and methods for extracting value from a portfolio of assets, for example a patent portfolio

In related news: @gnome found itself having to defend itself against a patent troll.

If it were really possible to cheaply and efficiently build an app that worked across all desktop platforms plus iOS and Android, then companies would be leaping at the chance to do so.

And for desktop they are! Barely anyone writes native desktop apps for Windows/Mac/Linux anymore. Electron/web dominate because it's cheaper.

The fact that companies aren't doing the same for mobile either means 1) the web is just not good enough on mobile, or 2) companies like to burn money for no reason.

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Some serious dark patterns in Invision's sign-up flow here:

- Having to check a box to *not* subscribe.
- Not even explicitly asking whether they can contact you, masquerading it as a question about your interests.

I can't teach an experienced male engineer what it's like to be a woman.

I can support an inexperienced female engineer in becoming a great one.

Yet specifically looking to hire a woman feels like undervaluing her. 😕

This is really well done:

Meet the new AI that knows you better than you know yourself.

Everyone can help training @mozilla Common Voice!
Record your voice, help validate the recorded sentences...
Super easy and funny do do!
Open Source voice recognition software is important if we want to have open source assistants...

When someone says they've got nothing to hide, the worst counter-argument you can give is "try going to the bathroom with the door open". It is easy to deflect and completely misses the point.

They're actually right: they do not have anything to hide. The ones who do are journalists, whistle-blowers, persecuted minorities, etc.

And if those are the only ones taking privacy-preserving measures, that fact alone will be a red flag.

Them: here's all the features we want for v1.

Lean methodology: it's better to build an MVP - doing the minimum amount of work that solves someone's problem, and use their experience to inform the next steps.

Them: here's all the features we want for MVP1.

I'd like to write a thread about some of the performance tricks in #Pinafore, just for those who might be interested.

The feeling when your new CI setup works on the first try.

Me: Oh great, someone on StackOverflow posted the exact question I have. I can probably find answers that are useful to me here!

*scrolls down to see answers*

StackOverflow community: Question closed as off-topic for not being useful to others.

Wow! Insert `/info` into a URL like the following, and you'll get that page's metrics and the user needs it's supposed to address:

(Hat tip:

In this case, I was lucky that my debugging routine included testing in Private Browsing, which happens to also be a new window. How on earth I would have reproduced the bug otherwise, I have no idea. How do 10x engineers deal with that?

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