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@noeldemartin Just saw that you're working on a media tracker for Solid - that's been on my wish/todo-list for a while as well, so I love that you're picking it up.

I was considering using `schema:Review` as well, so that I could also track whether I liked the things I've seen. I also realised that the main thing I usually track is my "to watch" list, but I hadn't yet figured out how to model that. Anyway, something to consider. I'll definitely be following along.

📝New blog post! 📣

Over the winter break I tried building an app using reactive programming — and of course ended up writing a library 🙄

I kept asking myself: “Aren’t streams and observables the same thing?” 🤔I wrote down my answer here:

Hey ,

Working at Mozilla has basically been my dream job since forever, so I can imagine that the recent layoffs have been extra painful.

I haven't yet had the privilege of working there, *but* I work with Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the web, on a project that aims to give people control over their data. He founded a startup called inrupt for commercial support, and we're hiring! See

Feel free to ask me anything about what it's like working there.

Great list of additional reasons for why accessibility is important beyond compliance and helping those with official disabilities.

I'm going to start doing 30-day challenges again: every month, commit to keeping up one good habit, and see what sticks afterwards.

In January, I'm going to be exercising twice a week again. There, I've publicly committed.

If you're in the Netherlands, you can view the episodes online, starting with the first one here:

And for a more detailed write-up of this thread, see my blog:

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So how did it go? Pretty well! We ended our winning streak yesterday, had a lot of fun, and even went viral with a naughty joke:

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I also wrote a small application that allowed us to practice the game. This way, we started to recognise and internalise patterns, in addition to making it easier to memorise the words. Try it out at

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Using a subtitles-based corpus of Dutch words, I wrote a script that gave me three words that covered most commonly occurring letters for every letter of the alphabet. We memorised those and used them as our first guesses, and have two left to guess the right word.

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But first, let me describe the game. If you're familiar with Mastermind: it's like that, but with words. You guess a word, see which letters are correct, and which are in the right place. You have five guesses to find the right word.

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This past week, Dutch people might have seen my brother and I participate in a game show on national TV. We spent waaaay too much effort preparing for it - let me share some of the things we did.

Hey Mastodon JS engineers, how about you take part in the 2019 State of JS survey? Make sure you enter Mastodon on the "How did you find out about this survey" question, then hopefully next year there will be more of us on here:

I've had some difficulty visualising the benefits of React's upcoming Concurrent Mode for "ordinary" web applications, but the examples in this article are very helpful in highlighting them:

I'd like to increase the geographical diversity of the people I follow - currently overwhelmingly people from Western Europe and the US.

Any interesting people to follow who primarily toot about frontend/engineering, and primarily in English?

RTs for reach appreciated.

I love this: A patent on patent trolling.

> A system and methods for extracting value from a portfolio of assets, for example a patent portfolio

In related news: @gnome found itself having to defend itself against a patent troll.

If it were really possible to cheaply and efficiently build an app that worked across all desktop platforms plus iOS and Android, then companies would be leaping at the chance to do so.

And for desktop they are! Barely anyone writes native desktop apps for Windows/Mac/Linux anymore. Electron/web dominate because it's cheaper.

The fact that companies aren't doing the same for mobile either means 1) the web is just not good enough on mobile, or 2) companies like to burn money for no reason.

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Some serious dark patterns in Invision's sign-up flow here:

- Having to check a box to *not* subscribe.
- Not even explicitly asking whether they can contact you, masquerading it as a question about your interests.

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