We just watched Taika Waititi's movie "What We Do in the Shadows" on Netflix and it is fucking HILARIOUS! It's a Spinal Tap-esque mockumentary but about four vampires in New Zealand.

Hello Mastodon. We are getting stormed upon.

337 calories and 43 minutes on the elliptical! New record for me, I think. Watching an entire episode of Stranger Things definitely makes the time pass without you noticing it.

Thought I might take a look at the Rust programming language, figured I'd do something simple like grab JSON data from an endpoint.

My head hurts, and my code doesn't work, and I'm officially giving up. WHY is that so complicated. D:

This is the look of a dog who doesn’t like thunder.

Did the mowing, didn't realise how humid it was outside.

Cadbury have a chocolate + Kettles sea salt chips block, and it's delicious, and so trashy.

How do you stop Canadian bacon from curling in the pan? Show more

nice and clean after a day spent rolling in who knows what. it smelled very bad

Awww yisssssss, cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu's that @yaykm bought for me yesterday.

Man, given how small he is, Beanie quite easily keeps up with me even when I'm outright running.

"[ERROR] mysqld: Table './<database>/<table>' is marked as crashed and should be repaired".


Huh, MariaDB ran out of memory on my Linode. Didn't notice until I went to load @yaykm's cooking blog and was greeting with an "Error establishing a database connection" message.

Ok I know this originated on Twitter but this is legit how @virtualwolf cuts a bagel. (I wuv you husband.)

what people think programming is like: i hacked into the mainframe and initiated a kernel override with a sidechain attack

what programming is actually like: my program broke because i mispelled "public" as "pubic"
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