...that's super-not-obvious in the Mastodon web UI if you're just glancing at it. :P The account is virtualwolf on the mastodon.art instance.

PESTILENCE: what's that horrible smell
FAMINE: it's war... he's been wearing the same gross clothes for ages
PESTILENCE: what the hell man... change your clothes
WAR: war... war never changes

Also, currently all profits from Toot! are going towards vet’s bills for a guinea pig who is doing poorly but trying her best.

This isn’t a sales campaign or fundraiser, just a note that if you’ve bought Toot!, you’ve helped a cute little guinea pig.

i love to keysmash

:hacker_k: dsallkdsakldslkjkkjdsalkjfd
:hacker_e: ksjdha
:hacker_y: lsakdjalskdjas
:hacker_s: akjdfhakhdfahsjkdaldj
:hacker_m: asdfadsgsghsgfdj
:hacker_a: fsdsf
:hacker_s: ethsdgasf
:hacker_h: sydftgsidkfh

UI designer: okay so when youre designing a user interface, you gotta give it a lil' juice. juice it up. look at this button. see, not juicy enough. now look at this. damn. thats a juicy button. real juicy. look at that juicy border around the button. but the font? not juicy enough. NOW look at that font. thats one juicy-as-hell font. in conclusion, its important to design compelling user interfaces that are juicy. keep it juicy. im a UX expert. stay juicy. users love it. juicy

Ah HA! I have conquered it!

I now have the Nvidia drivers installed and my backlight keys working perfectly.

Unfortunately I'm not sure which of the several things I did were the ones that actually helped in the end. :P

Achievement unlocked: wrote an IRC bot from scratch (no IRC client libraries involved).

if ur site prevents me from using adblock im either gonna inspect element the shit out of whatever is blocking the page or just realize I dont need your page that badly

Then I logged out and the video utterly broke and was completely distorted and not readable. The various solutions for finding fixes for the backlight keys not working, or even just changing the damn thing from the command line, didn't help either.

That was a short-lived bit of fun, back to macOS it is.

Well, I can't say I'm surprised, but I woke the MacBook Air up this morning and Linux is now running at full retina-searing brightness, and there's no way to turn it down at all that I can find. (I couldn't control the brightness previously either, but at least it was at a usable about-half-way level... full brightness physically hurts my eyes).

More genders means the consumer has more options, what you're telling me you're against the free market?

Cat: Bug #34638 filed: food bowl keeps emptying

Me: closed as duplicate, this is by design, WONTFIX

Cat: Opening bug #34639. It is 11am. Food bowl still empty.

Me: You were fed at 8am. WONTFIX.

Cat: Fundamental disagreement with moderator. Opening dispute resolution process.

Exactly the same applies to macOS as well, but I'm very much enjoying all the dark themes that are increasingly available on websites these days... that combined with F.lux makes for a MUCH easier time on the eyes when you're internetting at night.

Now, bets on whether running this bunch of updates horribly breaks things? :P

I am tooting to you from Linux Mint 19.1 on our old mid-2010 MacBook Air! I'm at least partially blaming @sophia for this.

(I'm not going to be swapping from macOS as my primary OS any time soon, but it's fun to tool around with a different OS).

Y'know what rules? Monday being a public holiday, aw yiss.

I realised that Wordpress has the concept of static pages, so I've put up a page with my GarageBand music things on it! blog.virtualwolf.org/music/

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