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A lot of people assume open source projects, as they are community driven, are completely malleable, and subject to the desires of their users. Other people think that it means free, as in "no charge" or even mistake open source for "privacy respecting".


Original tweet : twitter.com/ManjaroLinux/statu

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EnRecipes v1.3.0 is out now. EnRecipes is an open source, privacy-friendly digital cookbook that lets you create, manage and share your recipes.


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A tech. giant like Facebook behaves one way in Europe and behaves the other way in rest of the world, because Europe has #GDPR while a country like #India doesn’t have such legal frameworks to penalize the violators or protect the users.

First thing, we should demand in #India is to take up the Personal Data Protection Act for discussion in both the parliament houses and pass it. (In my personal opinion, this activity must also take place in state level legislative assemblies too, for it to be effective and inclusive).

Having the Personal Data Protection Bill is one thing and enforcing it actively is another thing. If the regulators failed to keep the violators in check, the presence of the bill is of no use. We should hold the public offices to be accountable.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #Privacy #GDPR #PDPA

How it Started?
Facebook was fined $122 M by EU Regulators in 2017 for violating their promise of keeping Fb and WA separate.
How it's going?
Facebook is running full front-page ads in Indian newspapers asking us to trust their commitment.

#WhatsappPrivacy #SignalApp

The Twitter CEO thinks either Twitter is no critical service, or should be open-sourced. Yes. Don't believe it? Quote:

"I trust Signal because it’s well built, but more importantly, because of how it’s built: open source, peer reviewed, and funded entirely by grants and donations. A refreshing model for how critical services should be built."

Jack Dorsey
CEO of Twitter and Square

Source: signal.org/de/


Google Analytics is the largest and one of the worst trackers. It's used even on sites that promote privacy, GNU/Linux, etc.

There are some free (as in freedom) and privacy-friendly alternatives:
- #Matomo - matomo.org
- #Plausible - plausible.io
- #Shynet - github.com/milesmcc/shynet
- #Umami - umami.is
- #GoAccess - goaccess.io

vs vs : A Detailed Comparison of Features and Privacy

This article does an okay job in describing the differences between the 3 services.

He did miss that Telegram does let you see the source code telegram.org/apps#source-code

As long as Facebook owns WhatsApp it's no longer a viable option. IMHO. Telegram is feature rich and encrypted. Signal has less features but is very encrypted.

I use both but prefer Telegram.

My article on #DeleteWhatsApp campaign and rise of Signal, is published in NewsMeter.


“With the growing privacy awareness among people, we are witnessing popular trends like #WhatsAppExodus & #DeleteWhatsApp. People are exploring privacy alternatives, resulting in a huge spike in people switching to Signal.

Signal is a free software where its source code is publicly available. It is offered by a non-profit organisation named Signal Technology Foundation whose mission is to develop “Free and open source privacy technology that protects free expression and enable secure global communication”.

Telegram, meanwhile, is a proprietary closed-sourced software (only clients are free and open source) with attractive features, especially for large communities. It is offered by a UK-registered private company that operates from the United Arab Emirates. Telegram is failing to counter cryptocurrency pump-and-dump activities by spambots on its platform, which has been a major disadvantage in the recent past for groups on their platform.

We need to realize that “privacy can’t be assured without the source code being public”, i.e. we can’t verify the claims of any app about its privacy offerings unless all the source code is publicly available for scrutiny.”

#PublicCode #Privacy #SurveillanceCapitalism #FreeSoftware #Signal #WhatsApp #Telegram

How to share my location on ? I'm on custom OS with no gapps. But signal requires google play services. It would be better if signal has integration with other map services such as


Signal rose to 1º on the German AppStore on the social networking category surpassing #whatsapp

I’m so happy :blobheart:

Don't know why it marking it as sensitive content eventhough it is all text 🤔

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Educated people on my about the updated terms, also made some of them to switch to and . Finally deleted my account today!

Many of our followers are FOSS people, but for those who are not, WhatsApp now insists you share data with Facebook or delete the app. I say delete the app AND Facebook. We use on the farm, private, secure, open source!

Now that #WhatsApp have updated their terms, forcing users to share their data with #Facebook, here's our suggested update to that notification you see at the top of your chats.

#WhatsappNewPolicy #WhatsappPrivacy

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