EnRecipes v1.2.5 is out now with a bunch of new features and improvements.

Now supports Danish, Dutch, English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Tamil.

Visit website to know more:

-manager @nativescript-vue

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@vishnuraghavb Looks great! Habe you thought about making it compatibale with Nextcloud cookbook? The two existing apps are far away from yours feature-wise.

@marco Thanks for your interest in EnRecipes 😊 . I myself don't use Nextcloud cookbook, so, I'm not familiar with the format they use to store the recipes. If I could get a sample(exported recipe file), It'll be easy for me to study and see if it is possible for me to implement the feature.

@vishnuraghavb I see. I know that some persons here in Mastodon have a public Nextcloud they offer to individuals. Maybe we find one and ask him / her to install the cookbook app. I guess export / import is not the right thing to do, but fetching it directly from the server would be better. Maybe have a look at this app or even join forces:

@memyselfandi Hi. Right now, it is available on Izzy's repo. Please add his repository to your f-droid to get the app.

And yeah, I'm in the process of publishing the app on the f-droid main repo. Since, it is a Nativescript app, there are no official documentation available, So, I'm struggling and I hope, I'll figure out a way to make it available soon.

Thanks for your interest!

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