Assam NRC was a failure. So we will have NRC all over the country.

Someone send the Vulcans here sooner, Earth needs logic.

As school re-opened, she cut through the awakwardness in 2 minutes. “My son asked me do you support temple or mosque? I said shut up, no temple no mosque! Stop the nonsense!” And we carried about our classes like nothing had happened.

The best revenge upon hate and violent is to assert our everyday dignity, is to carry on about our lives, no matter with how heavy a heart, as though nothing had happened. Like healing from the death of a loved one, or recovering from a bad break-up.

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Mastodon apps for Android: Tusky, Fedilab

Mastodon apps for iOS: Toot!, Mast, Amaroq

There is no app called “Mastodon” because anyone can develop an app (and the aforementioned ones are made by independent developers). You can also use the website on your phone, it works quite well and has 100% of the features.

For a more complete list of apps see

My dream for Mastodon is for it to be a viable choice as a publishing platform for any creator. In other words, for people to not feel like they're locked in to Twitter or Instagram if they want to be professionally successful.


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