Just got on Mastodon. I think a decentralized service like this is very much needed, particularly in a society in which corporate policy has deeply influenced users' freedom to write. For those potentially interested in following, I'm a journalist, with a focus on South Asian ethnopolitical affairs. I write about aviation, urban development, feminism, leftism and a number of other things. I'd love recommendations of others to follow too!

@visvajit is pretty awesome! He genuinely listens and learns . I would 100% recommend you to read his bio in above toot and follow him

@Agnostic_Indian @Deepsealioness @visvajit @Gargron there is no blanket ban on "advocating violence" on, and certainly not on my instance. the context is important, and it is absolutely ok to call for revolt against the ruling class, advocate for guillotining the rich, tell TERFs to shut up, and that sort of thing.

i do not know the politics of the situation you linked to, but if they are talking about throwing molotovs, i am gussing it is at an oppressor

@anna @Agnostic_Indian @visvajit @Gargron Yep you hit it right on the nAil! They are so privileged they don’t even attempt to understand when others explain

@Agnostic_Indian @anna @Deepsealioness @visvajit @Gargron holy shit you are so bitter. Save us some trouble and log the fuck off

@Agnostic_Indian @anna @Deepsealioness @visvajit @Gargron India **just** proved it does not in fact have rule of law.

Which part of "the police is raising charges against people who criticize the government" did you not understand?

Makes me wonder why you joined Mastodon...

@ansugeisler @Agnostic_Indian @anna @Deepsealioness @visvajit @Gargron Sheep in Leopards costume I guess. India and rule of law. Its the Joke of the month. Bloody hell rapists & mass murderers in Parliament running the country. WTF is rule of law?

@ansugeisler @Agnostic_Indian @anna @Deepsealioness @visvajit @Gargron

American billionaires: 607
Americans in poverty: 38M

CEO/worker pay ratio: 278:1

Wealth of 3 richest Americans: $345B
Wealth of bottom 50%: $250B

Top 1% wealth since 1989: +$21T
Bottom 50% wealth since 1989: -$900B

The billionaire class is crushing everything in its path.

This is American Stats. The Indian situation is even more worse because of Corrupt Politicians & Corrupt LAW.

@Agnostic_Indian @ansugeisler @anna @Deepsealioness @visvajit @Gargron I am seeing only you are talkin of killing someone all the time. It's not a human fucking society or system when few have it all and the rest or most sleep hungry. That not government and governance. What is required is a proper taxing system to bridge the F'ing gap. The rich can still be rich, but, others don't die of hunger. That is government and governance. 31 Farmers in India committed suicide everyday u talk of killin

@Agnostic_Indian @ansugeisler @anna @Deepsealioness @visvajit @Gargron You seriously have a killing problem mate. Regret trying to reason out with you. Have better things to do. Cheers

@anna Well I too feel like it sometimes. But that isn't the solution. We have to work in the present system while being realistic. So yes as @Human_Being said - upgrading taxation is just 1 of the many things which need to be done to bridge inequality. Also one should now view ALL of the wealth of the richest as locked up or consolidated. Some of it is used in creating more opportunities
@Agnostic_Indian @Human_Being @ansugeisler @Deepsealioness @visvajit

@ansugeisler @Agnostic_Indian @anna @Deepsealioness @visvajit @Gargron As for the report against @Dasbolshevik throwing molly on the 'Rath Yatra' has a history of voilence. The image should clarify it more.

@Agnostic_Indian @ansugeisler @anna @Deepsealioness @visvajit @Gargron @Dasbolshevik Yup. Kashmir fought it politically and legally in UN for plebisite. I am pleased to announce it worked wonders for them.

@Agnostic_Indian @ansugeisler @anna @Deepsealioness @visvajit @Gargron @Dasbolshevik Or it tracked back on its promise to provide a plebicite to the people of kashmir thus denying the great Indian justice.

@Agnostic_Indian @Theusualones @ansugeisler @anna @visvajit @Gargron @Dasbolshevik punch you are a delusional, the violence you say is perpetrated in real ground by oppressor , someone says an online comment fight them and your equality loving privileged Brian wakes up and tells you hey go and tell the oppressed to shut up . Hey what oppressor did or has been doing is okay, I will always support them and sympathise with them and will say am right , GTFO here

@Agnostic_Indian @Theusualones @ansugeisler @anna @visvajit @Gargron @Dasbolshevik go stop the mob lynchings happening by the right instead of policing one random handle , your sense of justice stinks

@Agnostic_Indian @Theusualones @ansugeisler @anna @visvajit @Gargron @Dasbolshevik am yet to see you condemn actual lynching on the ground ! Your sympathy for nazis seems to overpower you

@Agnostic_Indian @Theusualones @ansugeisler @anna @visvajit @Gargron @Dasbolshevik you are defending nazis , who are systematically oppressing minorities. fFS nearly 1 million people in Kashmir have been cut off from India and the world for almost 100 days and you want them to protest peacefully when we sent the army to control dissent? Kashmir is the worlds largest militarised zone and we not only cut off all communications but also sent additional 40k troops


You imbecile, you just cut of all communications phone, Internet everything and put them under a curfew while the Indian state changed their status without discussing with them. The troops are there to ensure they don’t protest. Wtf democracy is that? Seriously something is so wrong with you

@Theusualones @ansugeisler @anna @visvajit @Dasbolshevik

@Agnostic_Indian @Deepsealioness @visvajit @Gargron i do not know a lot about the specifics of politics in India yet, but i do know how to smell lib bullshit, and buddy, your posts STINK. yes, in order to survive as a species, we need guillotines yesterday :guillotine_trans:

@anna @Agnostic_Indian @visvajit @Gargron centrist liberals aid fascism. They want us to beg the oppressor & be polite to them. They look at oppressor and oppressed equally, they don’t even understand why they are wrong


Well said man! These centrists have empowered right wing fascists in India in last 7 decades, now minorities and other marginalised people are suffering while centrists still enjoying their privilege.

@Agnostic_Indian @Deepsealioness @visvajit @Gargron

@imMAK02 @anna @Agnostic_Indian @Deepsealioness @visvajit @Gargron Remember when the enabled oppressors turn on the enablers not a worm will cry for them.

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