Questions running though my mind right now:

Did couches exist before TVs?

Is it weird to dip your McNuggets in ketchup? Why?

re: Horror Movie / Movies in General Question 

Possibly, yeah!
We can do without them!

Some are educative, some inspiring!
While most are entertaining!

Whatever it is, they are best when consumed in moderation! 😃

Horror Movie / Movies in General Question 

Are movies... mass-produced wastes of time?

I don't know! Something tells me they are.

Even though it is an archived project the uMatrix webextension now has a new version out. Version 1.4.4 fixes the denial of service bug.

I wasn't getting the update through Firefox, but I installed the updated version from file.

I'm glad I can put my thoughts on making a fork on hold :)

#firefox #chrome #webextensions #privacy

#clock : a figure or figured work on the ankle or side of a stocking

- French: montre

- German: Uhr

- Italian: orologio

- Portuguese: relógio

- Spanish: reloj


Fill in missing translations @

@vital876 and just like that, Apple rids the world of sadness forever!!

@strawberryfieldsforever Searx supports a long list of bangs:

They can be triggered using double exclamations marks and then the engine, example:

!!ddg recursion

Well, this took forever to get! I think it took me about 22 hours over the course of 3 weeks to get.

@DavidBlue I have a question. Do you know of any photo editors for that are privacy respecting and can convert raws and HEIFs to JPEGs easily? Decent user experience?

I just edited a raw photo I took in Photos but it needs to be JPEG and I don't know how to convert it.

Cherry Moon - Lorn

One time I listened to this song on repeat for two hours.

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You ever lose something that you're carrying? Yeah. I just did.

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