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Started my new position as a UR Case Manager and I am LOVING it. Finally a job where my nosy tendencies, type A neuroticism, and geekiness for diagnostic assessment can all be used for good 😜

After more than 2 years of underpaid, overworked employment as an associate-level clinician, I'm finally fully licensed as an independent Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas! 🥳 ()

I'm very late to this news, but Madoka is getting a 4th movie! I'm curious to see how they flesh out Homura even more...

Finally got around to watching Disney's Cruella. As a villain origin story, it kind of sucked. As a display of fashion and acting talent, it was AMAZING.

At that time when I complained about hating the rain,
You told me something that I remember to this day:
"After the rain stops, beautiful stars emerge in the night sky.
When you think about it that way,
You will come to love the rain too.” ( )

If there's one downside to growing up with parents who are very achievement driven, it is this: I feel like things I accomplish don't actually "count" for anything unless I tell the world about it. Of course, this leads to horrible urges to overshare, comes off as bragging, and can get rather annoying for all parties involved. My inner child is screaming for validation every day.

Torn between going all-in with Instagram and using it as a photo journal... or quitting it entirely, cold turkey. I yearn to use it to connect with friends, but also feel pressured to keep up with it. What a conundrum...

I missed Caturday, so here’s a belated post of Freya being a cinnamon roll ( )

@Eggfreckles I would move over, but I hate that there’s no easy way to import old posts between instances :/

It's no secret to my friends that I don't love the state, but most days I put up with it. Today though, is a sad day to be a Texan. It's 2021, people. Why are people's rights to their bodies still being yanked around as a pawn by politics, religion, and subcultural groups? And no, don't you dare compare rights to COVID vaccinations. Stop co-opting "my body my choice" to fuel your anti-vaxx agendas.

My first child, Freya, is now squarely in senior cat territory: 8 years old! But looking at her, you wouldn’t even know it. She’s still a smol thing with deceptively innocent eyes.

Just some midnight action going on here. This one has raspberries, cherries, strawberries, bananas, and dragonfruit!

@Eggfreckles Wow, this takes me back. My claim to fame was a Bold 9650 (came out in 2010). I thought I was so Wall Street BDE carrying it around 🤣

One of goals was to set up a recurring donation to my alma mater. I chose to do a yearly donation to the MIT Asian Dance Team, which I founded. It would eventually become my family away from home. I am forever grateful for the wonderful people who helped me grow it, and the awesome people who continue to keep it running 🥰

Happy from my 16-year-old senior cat, Spock <3 I call him my sootball because... well, you see... ()

Made my schedule for the fall 2021 semester. It's more of a schedule, but I threw in a Modern and Jazz class for well-roundedness 😂 Will I die of exhaustion? Probably. Will I enjoy it nonetheless? Absolutely.

Finally started playing MTG Arena now that the macOS version seems stable. It’s an absolutely gorgeous game AND makes me realize how overwhelming it can be for first-timers. I don’t enjoy using Planeswalkers in my decks but so many people seem to be building around them as a win-con. Looking forward to experimenting more… ( )

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