how do you feel about bugs? i think this was a good first impression

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a few weeks ago i met someone online, and today we met in person for the first time. within one minute of meeting, we found this cecropia moth and i had her take pics of me holding it. this is the best photo of me ever taken.

maybe @prumm or another shrike can tell what kind of bird this is, out of curiosity? i'm in Madison, Wisconsin. here's a tiny recording of it chirping in its nest. i haven't yet gotten a good photo of it from the side or above.

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my new apartment has a bird's nest right above my bedroom window, so my window is covered in bird poop. not sure how to solve this problem short of getting the landlord to evict them, which i don't want to do.

selfie, ec 

they got me dressed in wizard robes

here's the part of the textbook he's quoting. but also almost every general description of xml i've seen describes it as a markup language in the first sentence

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today is the 10 year anniversary of when i cut some mattress springs out of an old mattress outside my home and attached them to a pair of shoes. i was 11 years old

i had my professor take a 1920x1080 scanning tunneling microscope scan to use as a desktop background

working on a python script to plot residual gas analyzer data as it's recorded. i just discovered how to make my graphs Slimy

new outfit, inspired by my professor calling me him and then trying to correct himself to her, even though my pronouns are in my email signature

brainstormed with @f0x and came up with this idea!
i can use the thin 60led/m strips but arrange them diagonally, such that the leds are still in a grid but they are closer together. this way i should be able to get 23 or 24 leds across, as if i were using 84.85led/m strips.

my friend will be somewhat worse at looking side-to-side, since the strips have some thickness, but she will be better at looking left-up and right-down.

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my college doesn't have a recruitment opt-out list and apparently neither do the recruiters

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I need to choose a play to do a big project on this semester for my Backstage Experience class. i'm inexperienced and mostly uninterested in theater, so does anyone have suggestions for which of these plays i might find interesting?
i remember reading A Raisin In The Sun but i'm not familiar with the rest.

turned out to be more like 75. still accepting suggestions for what to do with them. i think i'm gonna label them like floppy disks and just use them with usb-to-sata cables. raid arrays sound appealing but i doubt there's a good cost-effective way for me to get use out of these as a storage array.

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