@kushal Always excited is an abnormal state as is not being excited about anything. Most of the life happens in a neutral state. To start with make a list of 5 things which use to excite you the most. #mentalhealth


- Learning new things related to computers
- Movies
- Writing new code for new projects
- Reading books
- Talking to family/friends


@kushal @tariquesani I can relate to most of these, except I still watch movies.

I know it's because of this constant dopamine injecting device, called smartphone.. trying to avoid, but keep coming back. :(

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@kushal @tariquesani I read about social media detox, dopamine fasting, etc. but couldn't go through it long enough to assess it's effective for me.

@vjy yes, there are several programs for that. They work best in groups where everyone keeps each other accountable. Doing it alone is tedious


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