May/2010 - Random toots thread.. #2

First thread has 365 toots, and it took 4 months.

"Political correctness makes speech itself political, and so everything becomes political." - @.naval


"Technology destroys jobs and replaces them with opportunities." - @.naval


நாமார்க்குங் குடியல்லோம்
நமனை யஞ்சோம்
நரகத்தி லிடர்ப்படோம்
நடலை யில்லோம்
ஏமாப்போம் பிணியறியோம்
பணிவோ மல்லோம்
இன்பமே யெந்நாளுந்
துன்ப மில்லை


"US is being screwed by POTUS and we Indians by LOTUS." - @.Khush_boozing


"Forty hour workweeks, regardless of the job.

Four year degrees, regardless of the major.

Four decades to retirement, regardless of the career.

Remnants of the Industrial Age." - @.naval


"Either we agree on how to measure it, or it becomes politics." - @.naval


"As long as the War on COVID19 does not include specifics on:
- When is the curve flattened or crushed?
- What hospital capacity is acceptable?
- What data points do we need to go back to "normal?

It will be like:
- The War on Drugs
- Afghanistan/Irak wars
- The War on Alcohol" - @.rseoane_


"The problem is that Spotify is trying to kill open podcasts — those based on RSS — in the process. You can’t add an arbitrary RSS feed to Spotify. It’s their way or the highway." - @.benthompson


"A university's Mathematics department is the second cheapest one to supply: All they need are pencils, paper, and erasers.
The Philosophy department is the cheapest. They don't need erasers." - @.HeadwaysMatter


“Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.” ― Jim Rohn


"The modern devil is cheap dopamine.

Self-improvement is the modern God." - @.naval


“At the foundation of well-founded belief lies belief that is not founded.” —Ludwig Wittgenstein, On Certainty


Godel demonstrated that provability is a weaker notion than truth.


>Locusts, like many insects, are an excellent source of protein


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