#6 September/2020 toots thread..

#5 August/2020 thread (68 toots)

The goal of the rich is not wealth, it is to add value, at scale.

Wealth is a side effect.

— @.wisdom_theory /1

You don't need more time, you need more focused time.

— @.mkobach /2

You don't need a record label to release an album

You don't need a publisher to put out a book

You don't need an agent to produce a podcast

You live in the future

The only thing in your way..

Is you.

— @.akirathedon /3

Self abnegation is the key to life's best experiences.

- Want the best meal of your life? Fast.

- Want to deeply enjoy the company of friends and family? Be alone.

- Want to find enjoyment in the simple things in life? Avoid dopamine optimized stimulus.

— @.real_vijay /5

Apple lost $179.92 bil­lion in mar­ket cap­i­tal­iza­tion Thurs­day (03/Sep/2020), the largest one-day loss for a US-listed com­pany on record.

The drop was larger than the in­di­vid­ual mar­ket cap­i­tal­iza­tions of 470 of the 500 com­pa­nies in the S&P 500, ac­cord­ing to Dow Jones.

— @.fxmacro /9

You are your habits. You are the things you do every day.

— @.smilingerik /10

Knowing how little you matter is very important for your mental health and your happiness

— @.naval /11

is not a disorder, the study authors argue. Rather it is an evolutionary mismatch to the modern learning environment we have constructed.

h/t @.alex_petralia /12

It’s so easy to laugh, it’s so easy to hate, it takes strength to be gentle and kind.

the Smiths /13

Fear is an excuse created by your mind to stop you from doing what you want.

— @.Thenakedpoet2 /14

Failure is success in progress.

— Albert Einstein /15

How would anyone buy ? It's so expensive.. /s

10,000 btc = $104 million


100 million sats is your favorite unit? 1 trillion sats is my favorite unit.. it's so convenient. /s

1 trillion sats = $104 million


King Tutankhamun's mummified body contains the oldest known genetic proof of the existence of .

— @.UberFacts /18

You cannot go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

— CS Lewis /19

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