I can't believe there's still an issue where I don't get notifications when I block my mastodon account and users try to follow me. What's up with that ?

weather is really bad, like a letargy shot in my blood stream.

There are several opinions weather it's great what Julien Assange is doing or shit.

But he just asked for a decentralized twitter 'alternative'.
I've told him about the fediverse, and such.

Would you like to see Julien Assange joining the fediverse?

boost: yes
fav: no

Many boosts could motivate him to join, as I will forward it to him.
Many favs, to better stay away.

Ugh 3 

Then I return to the afterlife with the two men and I can move around in the dream like a free camera in a game.
The "afterlife" looks like a dark town in space, and it renders horribly like a buggy video game, but someone tells me its on purpose. And I think if this is the afterlife it looks like an after thought.
After moving around a bit exploring something that's mainly just darkness and a few buildings I wake up and wish my dreams could stop being knock off Twin Peaks episodes.

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#quotes #charlesmcgill 

Do great work and people will come!

Computer shit, browsers 

Uninstalled Chromium in a fit of rage after it froze up my entire computer twice in a row. How is goddamn MINECRAFT somehow less resource-intensive than visiting Facebook?!

On a side note, I may disengage from Facebook too, not because of toxicity or anything, but simply because it's a pain to use.

my daily haiku for oct .5:

light equivalence
between reflection shadow
and space emptiness

"Not only did I learn to type Clojure, but being exposed to functional programming changed the way I write other code as well."


⚪️ a man
⚪️ a woman
🔘 a new vim user

and I'm looking for:
⚪️ a man
⚪️ a woman
🔘 how to exit

Wow! I just am fascinated by Carl Sagan ttps://youtu.be/7SQ7JOS0KTo

Just discovered (pomodori-todo.txt)[github.com/metalelf0/pomodori-] and (todo.txt)[github.com/ginatrapani/todo.tx] and this is what I'll be using from now on to task manage in my fedora cli !!!! :heart_eyes:

Vous l'avez loupé hier soir, mais François Asselineau a fait un discours de *1h22* pour expliquer sa défaite, et...

oh surprise s'il a perdu c'est à cause des méchants de #Wikipédia (et des médias, aussi) !!

À 1h00 : youtube.com/watch?v=urXZsVDSyo

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